How it all started..and what to expect from my blog !!

I come from a family where a tiny sign of talent is embraised, nurtured and encouraged to bloom.
Its not a surprise but the “want in me to write and express” was actually in my blood because I have been blessed with a wonderful grandfather Mr. R.D. Trehan who is an exceptional artist, be it emotions evoking writer, soul searching philosopher, a motivational speaker or an ultimate inspirer.

He is a writer with a vision, fluent in Hindi, Urdu and English. He has also published two of his masterpieces as shown below. (Contact me if you need copies ๐Ÿ™‚ )

From childhood, I was really keen to participate in public speaking and write ups. Gradually, growing up with all the will and wish to express, I found a platform to express my outlook about life.

What to expect from this Blog??


Well as the journey of life brings anything and everything with it, my blog would be a reflection of same. Some personal ideologies, perspectives, favorites, reviews, beauty and health care tips and tricks and so much more that is not even in my mind yet.

In addition to that, my blog is and will always be a constant motivation, not just for wonderful eyes and minds reading this, but also for the inner me, who probably needs this push time to time, as a reminder that Life’s Good ๐Ÿ™‚

19 thoughts on “How it all started..and what to expect from my blog !!

    1. R.D. Trehan

      With all humility and sincerity I would like to say that whatever dear Aarzoo has stated about me is due to her regard and affection for the elders. I am a very simple and down to earth man. It is, in fact, reflection of her innocent heart and soul that she discovers charm and beauty in everything. I am so happy that she still respects the real values of life which are almost extinct in today’s materialistic world. She has talent, capability and confidence to achieve whatever she wants. Our family is proud of her and wish her brilliant success in every sphere of life.

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  1. Tamanna

    There is no better way to initiate the journey than to thank the outstanding family routes..well thought of beginning and a well crafted words Aarzoo…


  2. Ranjana Trehan

    Great initiative betaโ€ฆ..loved the post which besides showing the talent inculcated from the family also reveals your inner beautyโ€ฆall the bestโ€ฆ.god bless you

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  3. Dear Aarzoo: The way you think and write about world that indicates you are such a philanthropist and magnanimous personality who intended to bring something positive in every vibe. I wish u keep same momentum going forward in this tremendous journey.

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  4. Neeru Kapoor

    Very well written and inspirational post. This post reflects your respect for elders and the family values that you are carrying with you in this journey of life. Keep writing and keep growing. Love you.

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