20 songs that brighten up your mood and make you smile…

Merry Christmas Everyone !!
What can be merrier time to post than a festive holiday.

So this one’s a melodious post with my personal favorite picks of joyous songs of all times from every corner of my collection. Music definitely is a very essential part of all of us, at least for me for sure, so open your hearts and let the melodies ring the happy bells inside you.

20.  Dil hai chota sa
This song touches the inner mischievous kid inside you who still wants to jump on every opportunity it gets and sing aloud in this ever busy and way to serious world. I just love swinging to this song.

20. Dil hai chhota sa

19. Kajra mohabbat wala
The beats, gosh, are like you start swinging with it the minute it starts. A definite entry in happy list. Even Kangna Ranuat did a great job in Tanu Weds Manu (2011) in later version of same song.


18. Stereo love radio edit
Something about these beats make you dream. Just one happy song you can’t go without listening.


17. Ude jab jab zulfein teri
This song is simply the cutest and most playful song I’ve heard. As we say, “Old is Gold”, this one’s for the couples madly in love.


16. London thumakda
Well this song has a personal connection to me and I guess favoritism is allowed Haha!! It’s absolutely an amazing dance number. One song that I can feel happy even with just the beats. Must Listen.


15. Palbhar ke liye koi humein pyaar kar le
Happy song Dev Anand style!! A perfect composition to express your love with a smile.


14. Laung gwacha
For all the pretty ladies out there, this traditional Punjabi folk song is here to make you smile. Wonderful job by Neha Bhasin.


13. Chala jata hun
A classic song by Kishore Kumar which has mesmerizing affect on me. Trust me! It’s simply the nicest happy song by far.


12. Label black
Happy songs without a Punjabi track is impossible. You can’t stop your feet from tapping on this number.


11. Mere sapno ki rani
A brilliant composition of Kishore Kumar starring Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. A cheerful and joyous song that takes you back to those golden days.


10. Zindagi ek safar
This is one song that is made for all ages and will pump you up cheerfully at any given time.


9. Maahi ve
A. R. Rehman creates wonders with these beats. An amazing travel song and somehow it manages to collect all lovey-dovey memories and make you blush.


8. Hai apna dil toh awara
This happy song by Hemant Kumar has flashback memories of my childhood because this beautiful tune was played by my dad on a mouth-organ (a musical instrument). This song and memory has a very special place in my heart, hence, it’s in my list.


7. I’ll be there for you
Well no explanation needed, I guess, for this one. Even if you have no idea of 90’s most amazing TV Series Friends (whose title track was this song), still this song simply brings a smile without fail each time you listen to it.


6. Sooraj Dooba
This one has to be “Our Generation” song. Spectacular lyrics, freewill emotions and “Happy Beats”. All in one.


5. A sky full of stars
This song has the power to drive you to open spaces where it’s just you, million stars in sky, your ambitions, your hopes and the rhythm of this song. One song that really brings joy.


4. Haareya
Another personal favorite of mine. Soulful voice of Ayushmann Khurrana just gets you in the mood. A perfect blend for someone who is in love and can’t stop smiling. Seriously “ek dhun jo sari zindagi apka picha nai chodti”


3. Ye hai meri kahani
Another magical song to bring back the memories of your childhood in a jiffy. In addition to that, such deep and powerful lyrics sung by Atif Aslam is a cherry on the cake.


2. Best day of my life
One of the best songs to wake up to. This song has been a major supporter in tough days of the year 2017 and somehow it certainly has the power to instill happy thoughts and fire to start up your day. A must in your playlist !!


1. Matargashti
Happy beats calling !! Spectacular melody, Mohit Chauhan on vocals at his best and you just want to tap to every beat of this one. You’ve got to listen it right now.


Let me know in comments some of your favorite Happy songs !!
Have a great cheerful holiday guys !!


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12 thoughts on “20 songs that brighten up your mood and make you smile…

  1. Sucheta

    Another good shot dear, music plays a vital role in our daily life, it’s kinda vibrant to our mood swings… Really like your top 20..
    Cool pick. 😉 Merry Christmas sweetheart ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tamanna

    Sachi…music can make u travel to all the memories you have kept in the safe vault of your heart …to all the dreams you nurture for future..
    My favourites…list is endless…
    But…Tere jaisa yaar kahan…and…
    Tera mujh Se hai pehle ka naata koi…
    are two happy songs..I always love…to hear…tere Bina jiya jaye na…kaun tujhe itna pyaar karega…
    Arre…it’s so difficult to list out…
    Done a brilliant job dear…amazing…and u know I realised just now…..😀😀😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. R.D. Trehan

    Wah! What a way to ring in the Christmas season. The beautiful and the melodious songs will give so much pleasure to everyone. Your selection is really imaginative. All the songs are melodious and entertaining. Their sweetness is blissful and lingers long like fragrance of flowers. I enjoyed all. Most of them brought back my old sweet memories.
    The song “Dil hai chota sa” is my very favorite. It’s soothing melody, rythym and harmony not only touches my heart but gives lingering peace to my soul.
    The song “London thumakda” always invites me to dance. What a selection! Thanks for giving me so much joy and making my festival season memorable.
    Eagerly waiting for your next post👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well this post is about 20 of my personal happy songs.. so somehow there are plenty of Indian songs I deeply connect with 🙂
      Owl city’s “Good time” was definitely a strong contender but somehow I felt I connected more with American Authors “Best day of my life”.
      Thanks for these recommendations anyways. I would blogging about an updated list soon.
      Happy reading 🙂


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