5 easy tips & tricks that simplified 2017

Now is the time to say goodbye to 2017, which was itself the greatest teacher ever. Going along the year, here are some of the most useful tips that made my year super easy. Give it a try and feel the difference it brings into your lives.

1. Hair Tip– Curd + Oil hair mask:

A homemade hair mask always comes in handy when looking for something nourishing and texturizing after a wash. A simple mask composed of curd and combination of oils applied for 30 minutes from roots to tips is a savior.
All you need is:
* 2 tablespoons of curd (Yogurt) depending on length of the hair.
* Combination of oil: 2 teaspoons total (Mustard, Coconut, Almond or Olive)

Give a good wash and condition as usual and enjoy good hair days.

2. Face Tip– Homemade scrub:

As there is a routine clean up for everything else, so is it for skin as well. Face cleansing is utterly essential twice a week depending upon the skin type. There are various treatments and ready-made cleansers available which are super useful. And then there is another homemade scrub requiring just 3 ingredients.
* Brown sugar (semi grinded)
* Honey
* Face cleanser/wash
Take a pea size amount of your cleanser and add drop of honey with pea sized amount of brown sugar (additional amount of brown sugar can be added depending on the scrub texture your skin demands). Scrub the mixture gently to exfoliate, clean deep pores and remove dead skin. Let it work and sit for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with warm water. After scrubbing always follow up with a face pack (ready-made or homemade) to close the pores.

3. Face Tip– Tea tree oil for red bumps:

Do you know the best gift of god to be used overnight to give those red bumps (pimples) a goodbye treat is Tea tree oil!
Apply drop by drop of a good brand tea tree oil on red bumps on a cleansed face and let it work overnight.
This tip has been personally tried and relied upon completely by me but it would still be recommended for you guys to do a patch test before it works on your skin type just to be sure of it.

4. Body Tip– Coconut oil massage

The best moisturizer ever to be used, specially in colder months, has to be coconut oil. It has the power to moisturize, nourish, heal marks and absorb quickly into your skin.
After your shower, just spread small amount of oil part by part and massage your veins and muscles all over and smile for your soon to be happy skin.
Try avoiding overdoing with the quantity of oil.

5. Nail Tip– Nail polish still wet??

We always put so much effort in neatly applying our nail wears but the drying part is the hardest one.
Post applying your base coat, nail paint & top coat simply wet your nails under running water (preferably cold). This helps the nail wear to dry faster than ever and that is the best we could get out of such a simple task.

Let me know if you like the tips and if they worked for you as well. I would love to try out some more tips and update you soon.

Have a great 2018 guys !!

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