The vacation called Life!

As fun as it sounds, this voyage called “life” is beyond what we really think of.

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How often do we really sit down and think about what we have achieved, learnt, lost, let go, fought for, won, earned or accumulated?

All we really aware of are our body clock, our daily routines and, yes most importantly, our jobs. But is the timeout from all these things “A real timeout”?
Haven’t we all dreamt and wished that Pandora had never opened that box?

To be honest if that box would have never opened, we would not have evolved into this best version of ourselves.


Well actually life is not all that complex as we make it.
We just have to set the different spheres into places like puzzles. But not as others expect out of us but how we want our life to dwell.

What we, as millennial, really need to understand by now is that we CAN NOT please everyone and more so, it is not even required. And this has been rightly quoted by Priyanka Chopra in her annual lecture at the Penguin Annual Lecture 2017 that “No matter what we do, there will always be someone who is unhappy”.
You need to simply find contentment for yourself in whatever you love to do. The people who are really there for you will be happy for you no matter how hard it is for rest of the world to understand.

Another very important thing I want to highlight is the habit of planning and executing what you think is right for you. Please note that it’s just what you think is right for you and you are NOT sure of it. And there are many instances when certain situations don’t go according to your plan. Is it okay to feel bad or accept the failure? Absolutely NO.

An ambitious individual is always the one who is informed about various consequences of putting into the entire efforts. If Plan A does not work out then there always should be Plan B. It’s not the failure you should think about but how you analyze it and plan the next step to dive into your lives.

The Timeout:
Vacations, family get together, college reunions and pursuing your hobbies are the real timeouts, which every individual needs every now and then to gather a deeper perspective into lives, understand inner self and to learn from your past achievements and failures. Making of such memories should not have any timelines, deadlines or itineraries. These should be your time to get refresh and get ready to jump into this crazy jungle of worldly life.

My Tip:
I really don’t want to sound as a philosopher but this is a personal Mantra which I religiously follow by heart.

Accomplish your goal or even a small milestone towards your goal.
Appreciate yourself.
Take rest but do not settle for your dreams.
Push yourself towards your next goal or milestone.

So loosen up, shake it a little bit, fasten your seat belt and enjoy this wondrous ride of life, not the way people want you to live it or experience it, but simply how you want to remember it.

Let me know in comments some of your Mantras to inspire and excel because sharing is the only option we have to heal this world.

14 thoughts on “The vacation called Life!

  1. Sucheta

    Very nice tips dear and a must follow kinda life mantra. Mantra of my life is don’t let anyone tells u that u can’t do this or u cnt achieve this rather than stand up for urself, fight for it until u achieve your goal.
    Very nice Aarzoo keep it up…… 🙂

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      1. Srijan

        oh aarzoo, your smile so dreamy, butterflies all around me, only to sing poetry that carves your name among the stars for oh my love, you’re beautiful, just the way you’re. oh look into my eyes, love and oh never look back, for oh i’d fall in love with the way they’d smile at me, for oh my love, you’re beautiful, like no other!

        Liked by 1 person

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