Is it really about “New Year Resolution”?

Hey Guys!

Beginning of 2018 has given us so many new hopes, aspirations and mantras to conquer and relish our “desires”. Some of us are totally into an excited vibe to get things done and rest of us are okay-ish to welcome a new year yet again with similar or simple expectations as the last year, (lets just say probably less excited).


Everyone I know or don’t really know, is into planning the never ending game of resolutions. Some of it probably being switching a job, buy a house or simply getting fit and some of it being finding more family or “Me” time or simply traveling to a new place.

But in this entire buzz all around us, “is it really about a new year resolution”?
Don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely not against making a resolution. In fact, I myself list out my goals every year.

But is New Year the only time to gather the “already existing” spirit in you and tag yourself towards a new mission?

My point here is to make you all recognize the “will power” inside you, which is so strong and capable enough, to give you a push to start with whatever you are determined to do, irrespective of waiting for an year end or a specific deadline.


  • I completely agree that a little push is always needed for taking these tiny steps to achieve huge milestones. And New Year time, most certainly, is one such time to actually commit to yourself. But it should not be the only time to exercise your will power to make it happen.
  • The resolution, lets say for example “to eat right”, must be in our mind all the time and not just for parts of the year or probably few days of the month, which I completely understand is easier said than done. But making these resolutions and acting upon it as soon as you pull up your socks for it, in itself, is progress.
    Poster final

So let me break it down into 4 simple steps:

1) Resolutions must be taken all year round– Add goals to your list all year long and mention timelines in which you would like to achieve them.

2) Recognize the strength and will power within you – Identifying and utilizing it the correct way can lead you towards your goals with ease.

3) Motivate yourself with quotes, posters and self reminders– What you analyze visually, your brain remembers and there are more chances of achieving what you strive for.

4) Enjoy along with scoring your goals– Applauding yourself is a must!

2018Lets do this!
Hope this helps a bit to ease out the resolution making part of 2018. Let me know in comments about your thoughts on this and let’s have a rocking year ahead!

12 thoughts on “Is it really about “New Year Resolution”?

  1. R.D. Trehan

    Well-said! Very true.
    Most of the resolutions on such occasions are made in impulse. That is why many of them die mid-way. In fact, if one has self confidence and strong will, one can achieve his aim, with little effort. Then “Thy will” becomes “his/her will”. One who believes in the motto “Kal Kare so aaj Kar, aaj Kare so Ab” does not need to make resolutions, as his every ‘action’ is his “resolution”.

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  2. I totally agree…. I set goals throughout the year, not just in January. Because my goals change as the year goes on. And for me, it’s a better way of reaching goals, instead of having my resolutions fade by Feb. or March 😉

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