The Course of Love by Alain de Botton #BookReview

A promise to myself brings me here to, actually sit down and, write a review of my recent favorite read, which is, in fact, one of my selection from Twinkle Khanna’s book shelf and I am so glad to have picked this one.


So this one is gonna be my first book review ever. Also if this post has popped up on your screen to help you get the story line of the entire novel, then I apologize because you are definitely not gonna find that here. I really appreciate the art of writing way too much to give away the entire effort of the author in one write up.

Key highlights of the book:

The book cover – The google result shows four different book covers of the same book, but honestly I have to applaud Monica Ramos for the cover art of the book (at least for the version I had). It will draw your immediate attention and it is impossible not to relate your thought process with the art that drives you along by just one look at it.

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The Plot
– This is the first book of Alain De Botton’s that I have read and I am surely intrigued by his writing style. The course is actually very intelligently indexed and designed for a reader!

All the well articulated essays revolve around two main characters, Rabih and Kirsten, and the concept  – “falling in love is not the end, it’s just the beginning”. The story highlights the role that different life situations play in disheartening, strengthening, stabilizing, fraternizing, and calming the couple through their journey. This novel binds the interest of the reader, whilst teaching the priority and importance of what to share and what to keep to oneself once you are experiencing The vacation called Life with your partner. Being a hardcore romantic fan, this study of love is a blunt truth, which should be perceived in a similar manner rather than what love seems to be in movies.

Best characteristic:
There are two of my favorite characteristics of this book that I simply love and can not resist mentioning.

1) The presence of italicized insight detailing along the course, which is probably more fun to read than the ongoing main subject story, describing visions and perspectives of the main characters’ state of mind to add on to our own outlook and understanding.

2) The course of love wind-up! – To my surprise, this course did not end with an assessment!
The concrete and conclusive write up towards the end builds a beautiful foundation about Alain’s perspective. The ending is powerful enough to create an impact, which an ordinary person could easily relate to and deduce some learning and life’s perspective from.

Apart from the fabulous art of love presented in the book, I feel there is one little miss. Not to spill out the inside story, but Rabih should have confronted his secret to Kirsten, which I waited for till the end, but felt disappointed to finally find he didn’t. (This is totally my opinion and everyone has and should have their own perspective)
But anyway, that is totally up to the author and maybe the story was meant to be this way.

Book Score

Book in a line –  It’s just the kind of deep romanticized, sheer practical and one of a kind novel that might actually become food for thought for an individual in a similar situation in life.

That’s all for this one. Let me know in comments below about your reviews of this book.

2 thoughts on “The Course of Love by Alain de Botton #BookReview

  1. Tamanna

    What a beautiful way to write a review…it has incited me the desire to read it going to order it right away…
    The writer of the book should thank the writer of review…😀😀

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