9 videos that literally make you feel so much better

Hey Everyone!!

So today is a very special day for me and I am penning my happy thoughts down. While posting a previous post about melody bringing a smile , I discovered that a single string, a drum beat or simply a key of piano, when expressed and presented in a numbered form (Top 10 or so), can leave a joyful impact and decidedly be an enthusiastic start of the day.

Here is my bunch of 9 videos that will leave you delighted inside.


These videos are a collection of happy visuals and can be truly enjoyed even if you do not know the medium of language they are in.

9. Daru Desi- Cocktail (Bollywood Movie 2012)
Looking for a fun friendship video, just stop and watch this one! Friends, party, partners in crime and crazy fun mates. The melody is simply swinging along but the visuals make you laugh hard!

Daru Desi

8. Whats my Name- Mia Rose Youtuber

Gosh! The incredibly talented Mia Rose sings so wonderfully in this one. More than the vocals I enjoy the expressions with which she herself enjoys and wants to take her joy to another level. Must Watch!

Mia Rose

7. London Thumakda- British Couple Dance theme song

Happy video coming your way! This British couple enjoys their post wedding party in Bollywood style on a famous dance number from the movie Queen. It is amazing to watch the way they enjoy dancing on it as a couple and, to add on to that, the way their family and friends join in!

London Thumakda

6. Khaab  – A music album by Akhil

So even if you don’t understand the Punjabi language, you can pretty much endure the story line of this video. It’s such a lovely concept and so beautifully portrayed. This video pretty much sums up that Love has no language!


5. Paddy and Nico- Britain’s Got Talent 2014

I think there is absolutely no need for a description for this one. One such video you just can’t stop watching till the end. It is that good and of course displays power of Dance. For this particular one I would like to provide you with 2 links. (Both indisputable!)

Paddy Nico 1


Paddy Nico 2

4. Ek Ajnabee Haseena se – Doublemint Valentine special

Yes Yes I know it is an amazing old number remixed but it is the video that truly leaves you so happy inside! And honestly that is what I am trying to find for you. No more words just watch it.

Ek haseena se

3. Ripple – Community Chest Singapore
A sweetest possible way to leave an impact and a strong message. It is one of those videos that stays in your memories forever. A delightful watch!


2. Sugar- Maroon 5

“What an idea!” – This is what comes to mind while watching this video. Sheer happiness you get when someone tries to make you that happy.


1. Ultimate Baby Surprise – Corey Williams Youtuber
My personal favorite of the lot! A very innovative and cute way of telling the love of your life that they are on their family way! It was a really viral one but still makes anyone who watches it so excited till this day.

Corey Williams

Hope it makes your day great as well!!

Let me know in comments below some of your favorite happy videos.

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