Skin care – Daily/Weekly/Monthly tips

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Welcome to another updated skin care post.  This post is definitely inspired by a Youtuber (Link- Rachel Talbott) whom I sincerely follow and, more so, she is the reason I have been able to inculcate these regimes into my routines in recent years. With the onset of such colder months and this ever changing weather conditions, serious effects can be observed on our body and specifically on largest organ of our body – our skin.

Everyone loves to take care and protect the most exposed part of body. And here are some tips to nourish and nurture your skin.

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Let’s break it into specific time frames to help you better:

Daily Routines:

  • Wake up: Clean your skin with cotton and some rose water or gently clean with some fresh water. (Avoid splashing water to your face, Simply tap clean it)face wash
  • If you workout, don’t stay in your sweatpants and sweatshirts all day.
  • Moisturize, not just face+neck+hands & feet but, your entire body. It needs nourishment too. Prefer natural oils (Coconut oil in winter months) to massage your nerves to enhance blood circulation.

    full body moisturize
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  • After cleansing the make up at the day end, take out time to massage face and neck. You will notice a significant difference.
  • I know it seems cliche and everyone has already mentioned it a zillion times, but Water intake is that important to be mentioned zillion times. Make sure you have enough in your day to keep your entire body hydrated.

    Drink water
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  • Morning Sun: Try and sneak out in the morning sun to acquire your dose of Vitamin-D, which is excellent not only for your skin but for your overall health.

    Morning Sun
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  • Shaving/waxing:
    Scrubbing: It is an essential exercise to be followed each time you shave or wax your skin. It removes dry skin, dead skin cells and opens hair follicles for proper removal. Another very important point is to ensure moisturizing after this unending task.

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  • Face cleansing:
    Scrubbing+Face pack routine- Select a gentle scrubber and face mask (You can also try sheet masks or homemade masks) and cleanse your face at least once a week.
    Prefer brown sugar or salt for the homemade scrubs for deep cleansing to remove dry skin and dead skin cells.
    Face masks can be used according to the need of the skin (Mud, hydrating, soothing, nourishing, charcoal masks and so many more options to choose from).

    face mask
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  • Full body:
    I discovered this tip after tons of research from Youtube- Dry Brushing. Using a soft dry brush for the entire body is so good for blood circulation and awakening of skin and cells.Dry brushing
    Scrubbing with a good soothing body scrub (or homemade) is equally essential for your entire body, not just for face or at the time of waxing or shaving but also, once a week to help your skin breathe.


  • Skin treatments– Be regular and religious towards your skin appointments with your specialists if any.

    skin treatment
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  • Body changesObserve any differently seeming marks or bodily changes once a month.
  • If you get a chance, opt for a Sauna, spa & massage treatment to relax your tensed body once a month.

    Oil massage
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  • Salon treatments– Once a month take out time to pamper your body by taking facials, manicures and pedicures.

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I hope this helps you to regularize your skin care routines.

Let me know in comments below some of your tips to take care of this precious temple!!

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