26 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 26 Years #Birthdaypost

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you are having a fabulous February. So my birthday month has inspired me so much to share with you my journey and most importantly my lessons that I have learnt over the years. These are in no particular order, just the way it popped up in my mind. Hope these lessons make you smile by the time you reach the last one!

Hello 26

So here we go!

1. Listen to your inner voice– It always says what exactly needs to be done and what you really feel is right!!

2. Goals come true if you Pen it down– Something I truly believe in and have experienced it in reality.

3. Everyone is fighting their own struggle- Try and understand each other’s perspective because everyone is in their own kind of life struggle.

4. Listening is very important– It gives peace to the one’s who want to share something (maybe their wisdom) with you and it really means a lot to them if you are there for them.

5. Good music really relaxes you– I guess no need of explanations here! This stands true universally.

6. Have your own favorite peace spot


Quite safe to say that everyone needs one space out spot to just go and be with yourself. I too have few in my hometown Chandigarh (Shimla Highway road, Sukhna Lake), which surely bring me to life once I reach out to them for “My Time”.

7. Every time you plan something does not mean it has to happen that way– It simply works as a therapy to keep you away from overwhelming. Ultimately it’s God Almighty’s plan that will happen and will be best for you.

8. You should not rely on anyone; it’s YOU who has to pick yourself up at the end of the day– The reality of life!

9. Try and make at least 1 person smile each day in your life– It will definitely make a difference in your life.

10. Mom is always right– Haha! I guess that is pretty true at least most of the times or should I say all the time.

11. You cannot please everyone– Make sure you care for the one’s you love and it really does not matter what rest of the world thinks about you.

12. Travel is indispensable


You learn so much from traveling and you are never too old to learn something new while having fun alongside!

13. Small things/ efforts/ gestures matter– Whether it is simply a task, a help or a deed, small things do matter and along the journey of life will leave an impact in your life.

14. Take care of your body– It is the only temple that keeps you alive!

15. Loneliness is bitter– You need people around you as crazy as you are or even more, who love you, tease you, get angry at you but still be with you.

16. Water helps at impossible situations– Its lame but honestly it is true. I’ve been in zillion situations in life where nothing feels right or we can simply say I was in a funk! Water has been my buddy and has always helped me breathe through those times.

17. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep– It’s as simple as that. Be true to yourselves and others.

18. Gratitude is essential in our life– It is like giving back what we are blessed with.

19. Family support is the biggest support– Whoever is family to you; they will always be super supportive.

20. Do what makes you Happy– As long as you are not hurting anyone.

21. A little bit of OCD keeps you healthy– A little observation from my personal routine says being a little finicky about how a specific job needs to be done is alright. It gets you into motion and you make an extra effort to do it your way.

22. Have all that you need in your Handbag– Is it only me or anyone else too who has experienced shortage of stuff the exact same day when you have either cleared stuff out, changed your handbag or have preferred carrying your wallet only. So just have all stuff that you need or might need in your handbag, ALWAYS!!

23. Bigger decisions and struggles make you stronger– Don’t be afraid to take big decisions and fight bigger struggles. You will come out as the shinier version of yourself.

24. Try to forgive, ignore and unlearn– These three will definitely help you to stay away from stress, sick mentality and unwanted distractions.

25. Laugh out loud– If you get a chance to know me personally, one thing you will observe for sure is my loud uncontrollable laughter. Haha! I simply love it and I really don’t care what others think of me. Because I am happy and proud of myself.

And finally..


26. Capture your Day– This is the practice because of which I am existent. Capture your day, scribble your experiences, learnings and secrets and write your heart out. You will enjoy so much reading your stuff years later. Trust me!

Hope you had fun reading my birthday post. I would love to hear in comments below about your thoughts on this special post.

Happy February Guys!

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42 thoughts on “26 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 26 Years #Birthdaypost

  1. Nice post. I totally agree how listening is important. We are so busy with our own struggles that’s we often forget to listen to the worries of the people we care about. We are just so caught up in our own life’s battles.

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