All Aboard by Kiran Manral #BookReview

Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to another beautiful day of a lovey month February. Today I thought of sharing with you another book review post about a novel which I recently finished. So this book was a random search result which turned out to be a surprisingly good read.


Key highlights of the book:

The book cover-
The book cover has always been a very exciting criteria (especially for me) to pick up the books I actually enjoy reading. This novel has a very sassy sketch on its cover drawing all attention it possibly can in just a quick glance. It surely gives you a vacation vibe and a solid quirky reason to pick this one up and flip through the contents and background. These commendable cover illustrations are by Getty Images & Jasjyot Singh Hans and the cover design is by Tara Upadhyay.

The Plot:
The novel has a very simple yet petite plot. The story line is really light hearted and good paced. All Aboard is a story that revolves around a recently ditched at the altar Rhea, recently heart broken Kamal, independently single aunt Rhina and recently divorced sister Naina, not to forget a late guest appearance of Sonia, vacationing on a cruise voyaging on Mediterranean sea, with each character having a background story running in their minds and dealing with it while meeting up new people on cruise.

I would consider this book to be a definite company for a short travel or a perfect airport pass time book.

Best Characteristics –
There are two of the things I would like to mention about this novel.

1. Self talk- The entire story portrayed Rhea as a smart self talking individual. In every situation she faced, she kept the incoming of affirmations, of her sharp and intuitive brain, on switched on mode, which definitely leaves a very positive impact on the reader.

2. The Aunt’s delineation- The Aunt Rhina portrayed a very strong, sassy and fearless support for her niece with a lot of affection. Though many times in the story, she described what all Rhea had in her mind on point even before Rhea managed to spill it out of her mouth. The concern of a family member was so eminent and relate-able with this character.

There was hardly any time to speculate a flaw as the book was such a short read (224 pages to be precise). The only thing I thought upon that could have been improved was the list of names that the author chose for all the characters. Not to offend anyone in particular, but they were a commonplace to be honest.
It could be that the author wanted to reach a larger audience by keeping such familiar names.

Book Score

Book in a line- An interesting vacation vibe read, but it could be completely skipped if better option is available.

That’s all for this one. Let me know in comments below about your reviews of this book.

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