The art of teaching and being taught

Hey Everyone!!

Another fresh start in a fresh new month of 2018. So since I have been stuck between my blog website upgrade as I have consumed all of my disk space, this month has been quite tumultuous. So bear with me in this No Media post.

Few days back I read a book which gave me this idea to write upon this concept and how I feel about it. Everything in this world begins with learning and teaching the same in one way or the other.

We homo-sapiens draw inspiration from various aspects of life forms , routines, catchy hashtags and viral videos all around. We all are born in this world and look up to our families to learn our first baby steps. We grow old and teach our younger ones what is right or wrong. This whole process goes on and on like a cycle.

But the inspiration is not only more than enough for us but also inevitably in abundance to be distributed among listeners or possibly to be taught prospects.

Art of Learning

Parents, teachers and mentors have taught us since the day we are brought to life on this planet. We, as students, have learned simply because we were told this was something we ought to do.

But at this stage of vast and spread out knowledge, we have grown so selective about our learning sphere. Or in another way we have timed our slots out of the day when we really want to learn – a course, a fitness class or a lesson, a correct diet, a mandatory website or promotional training in office and so on. But a thought to wonder upon is can LEARNING ever be selective, timed or even be measured.

We are truly blessed to be born into an era where there is so much to learn about, never-endless knowledge! So how can we search mediums to acquire this ocean of knowledge? Well I am not a pro in this context but surely we all together can dwell into and get N number of channels to help us through. As per my theory about art of learning, I can get to a few as mentioned below :-

  • Connect to the world as an individual– Meet new people on bus stands, public places, cafes, libraries etc. There is nothing greater than learning from people’s experiences and their life.
  • Spend quality time with elders and new born babies, toddlers and children – You can learn so much from them. Their vigor, endless efforts and curiosity towards anything and everything makes you no less than a surprised student.
  • Books, reading material and internet (from a trusted source of course!) – Our entire ancestral history has been preserved in books. All I want to request is even if you read from anywhere on internet or other reading materials, make sure it is from a trusted source. We could be amazed learners with such kind of abundant information.
  • Travel – Probably to countryside, village, tourist locations or entire world. There is not a single point in your life when you have learnt it all if you haven’t visited a new place.
  • People you surround yourself with – It is imperative to be surrounded by like-minded and positive people because you gather most of your daily feed from them.

There will be many more ways to learn I am sure as you can never cease to learn.

And what if we had to deliver what we have learnt in life to our next generations or lets say instances or probable things that teach us meaning of life, lets talk about that too.

Art of Teaching

Normally if one has to teach it is expected of him to have learnt and implied himself, or in lay man language must have tried and tested it and not just be a deliverer of subjective knowledge.

If learning is an art, then so is teaching in its purest form. One does not has to be in a position, authority or designation to make people, of all walks of life, learn, instead one simply has to share his or hers intellect and knowledge.

And by implying the same rule, there are certain ways with the help of which this art of teaching can be achieved. It is not an easy task, trust me! So below are few ways and few real life teachers that suit as wondrous examples of beautifying art of teaching. I am sure many of you would be able to back me up here with a few below :-

  • Create a platform or a background that interests listeners – so that they can grasp what is being said.
  • Know your audience – connect with them, it is of utmost importance.
  • Subject, source, technique to deliver may vary– Not everyone can teach in exact same manner, styles and ways. They have to be different in order to reach each and every type of personality.
  • Modulate – be it volume, stress or attention. It helps to make the conversation really deep and interesting.
  • Experiences and examples come in handy – with the help of these the subject becomes more realistic and relate-able.
  • Teaching sessions need to be interactive – It can never be beneficial if a session is just one way.
  • Upbringing – Surely does wonders to the future leaders of this world.
  • Failures teach you more than anything – Be it yours or someone else, they simply are best teachers.
  • Competitors or enemies – In a form even our best competitors teach you how to keep trying hard and not to give up in life.
  • Environment and nature teaches you how to live and survive – Everything that surrounds you is a lesson. Natures teaches so much like stability, perseverance, patience, hard work, not giving up and God knows list is endless. Misfortunes, calamities and accidents are a part of nature that teach you to stand up, strength to bear loss and to be united to help mankind. It simply needs a receptive mind to capture this learning.

And finally I believe and really hope this never ending cycle of acquiring and giving knowledge will go on for generations and should be respected and improvised at every stage.

That’s all for this one and hope you have more to share on this topic. Let me know in comments below your thoughts about this art.

21 thoughts on “The art of teaching and being taught

  1. Tamanna

    Last but not the least…Child is the father of man…and one should not close the ears when little one is saying something…it actually teaches u lesson for life….
    I do have some funny learning experiences…
    and one I find worth sharing….
    My younger daughter was in class 5 and her final exams were going on…
    It was her maths exam the next day…and me on leave from office …sitting along side her from morning to evening revising each n every topic…
    I could see that she is very tired but I was encouragingly motivating her to do everything…
    At that point…she very innocently asked…โ€Mumma…do every one every time ask you how much u scored in Maths exam in class 5โ€…
    I said ..No beta…no one asks…
    Then she with such a cute an adorable face said (I still can recollect the so very innocent mind reflected in her beautiful eyes…even after 5 years)…why we are we putting so much of effort for the thing…which no one is ever going to ask….
    A huge lesson learnt….
    Never asked her again…all these years what she is up to in her exams…
    And trust me …she learnt..the way…she wanted to…
    And she excels every where….!!
    An excellent write up Aarzoo…very informative n engrossing…
    Love ur every post…
    God Bless…!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is such a lovely memory to share. Thanks for allowing us to see yet another prospective of this wonderful art of learning and teaching… both at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚
      I am sure she is an adorable and ever amazing darling ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion about it. But I feel โ€œto loveโ€ and โ€œto be lovedโ€ cannot be taught or learnt.. it is simply an emotion unexplainable ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading it.
      Hope you have a great time ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


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