The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks #Bookreview

Hello all beautiful readers!!

A good read always encourages your mind to write more and express how you feel about it. This particular one has left me so gasped with the concept of love, loss and patience.




Best quote:

Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief.

Key highlights of the book:

The book cover-
An observation that comes from within when you look for Nicholas spark’s novels is that you come across such touching book covers. This one right here has a simple picture ofย  “at peace” couple but the title itself takes you high on imagination. The book cover design is by Sphere and picture is by Getty images.

Book cover

The plot-
The title gives a unique kind of insight that there might be danger due to which the rescue might be involved. (I don’t know why but my mind imagines that way!) But yes this novel is a page turner for sure. The story revolves around Denise, a single mother who has recently shifted to her hometown Edenton in North Carolina with her son Kyle, who unfortunately has a unique inability of language and speech at the age of four, Taylor, a builder, fire fighter and strong at the outside but with eyes deep with something to be discovered. These three main characters, together, take readers along on their journey of discovering themselves, their feelings for each other and how far can they actually go to care for and love their families.

There are other very interesting characters as well in the story without whom this story might have not turned out the way it actually did like Judy, Taylor’s mother, Mitch, Taylor’s best buddy, and Melissa, Mitch’s wife.

Best characteristics:

  1. This book was an absolutely lovely story to be read in the month of love. Love for oneself, love for your children, love for best buddies and love for a better life.
  2. This novel definitely has the disguised power to make you cry and smile, both at the same time. Not every written piece has the power to do that. So a big thank you to the author for bringing that out in a wonderful story.
  3. The Rescue also teaches a life lesson that life, in its purest form, will never be simple and what one has dreamt of. Though we still need to be thankful for it because it is, ultimately, us, as an individual, who have to make the most out of it, which can only come after acceptance of this gift.

It is hard to even try to speculate a flaw in such a beautifully written novel. I actually did not come across any. But I will surely mention if can remember any later.

Excerpt from the book I couldn’t go by without mentioning:
She’d been around enough to know something about the pattern of relationships. She knew that the initial feelings associated with love were almost like an ocean wave in their intensity, acting as the magnetic force that drew two people together. It was possible to be washed away in the emotion, but the wave wouldn’t last forever. It couldn’t- nor was it meant to- but if two people were right for each other, a truer kind of love could last forever in its wake. At least, that’s what she believed.


book score


Book in a line:
Delightful, concerning and definitely not to be missed out from your reading list.

Thatโ€™s all for this one. Let me know in comments below about your reviews of this book.

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