5 habits that are meant to bring a positive change in your life

Hello all beautiful people out there!!


So this morning I woke up with a bright and a very warm thought about the difference I am experiencing these days which keeps me positive, on toes, cheerful and ever ready to interact. I firmly believe in the truth, which as a foundation stresses upon the fact that when we do something purely for our mind and soul, it brings back the vigor and zeal to accomplish anything we aspire for. This vigor and zeal might have been diminished along the way and probably we would not have noticed it happening.

ย “The dreamer inside you is never lost, it just goes into sleep mode.”

So on this positive note I would like to take you along through 5 such habits that are meant to bring a change in your life. Here we begin…

1) Start your day with a positive thought

However cliche it sounds, but when you read a perfect thought in morning which exactly matches your mindset, thought process or simply what you are going through at that point of time in your life, it fuels your day with just another level of fire. It acts as a push for your dreamer lions to go wild and experience it all.

Suggestions: To inculcate this activity in your routine, try anyone of the following.
If you are a book reader, pen down or click pictures of your favorite lines of that book to help you remember later and reiterate them to yourself.
If you use social media, try following some of the writers, content creators or simply search #word+(whatever mood you are in that day) to find the thought that hits you deepest.

It is simply like putting it as your status for the day – Self Reminder. Try it!

2) Practice deep breathing and calm start in fresh mornings

The next best thing you can do after you wake up is exercise – “sure”, but even if you can’t, spare some time to practice deep breathing. 10 deep inhales and exhales with your eyes closed and clear mind (without your upcoming worries of the day) in fresh air. Inexplicable feeling.

You can also try it this way. It is kind of declaration to the world that you are ready for another challenge and another victory today. The amount of driving energy you derive from this habit every single day is enormous.

So no matter whenever your read this post, make sure you try it next morning!

3) Try to be a reason for at least one smile on someone’s face every day

To smile is a great feeling, but to be the reason of someone’s smile is pure ecstasy! What bonds one human to another on this earth is what we truly feel about the other. When you bind this thought in your mind, it is easy to seek goodness in everything, no matter how worse the condition might be or how practical you actually are. And amidst all this when you determine to bring a smile to someone’s day, it is a sign that you already are a better person in the making.

However hard your own day has been, you will always have this one little gesture out of your entire day that you will feel 100% positive, fulfilled and proud about.

Suggestions: There are no thousand ways, but millions, in which you can be a smile spreading machine. Grab an opportunity to help, share, inspire, appreciate, initiate, give, apologize, hug, compliment, wish, motivate, kiss, and the list is endless. See the ripple it creates and wonders it does.

4) Journal + plan ahead

It is lovely to share how you feel with your loved ones. But sometimes you just need your “Personal space and time”.ย  I strongly suggest you that in those moments of your life take a pen and diary and just write your heart out. It works magically like a therapy. It truly is a kind of meditation.

To make it a habit, is even better. Invest in a good journal, organizer, a planner or simply a diary, whatever suits you and however you plan to do it. Even if that is what you do not wish to do, just type in on your mobile notes, but write.

Suggestions: Capture your day! Plan ahead. Scribble your feelings. Pen your mind. It is that simple.

5) Affirm- talk to yourself before you go to sleep
Conversations are between two people but real communication is between you and your mind. It is important to buck up, explain, motivate, push and laugh with yourself. Your body and your mind need to connect often. And that is when this particular habit comes into picture.

Suggestions: Affirm yourself every night before you go to bed. Tell yourself that you are worthy of every bit of happiness, contentment and you have the power within you to achieve your goals.

These words work like commands in your brain and make every single thing happen with true intensity and speed. Out of all the above habits, this one is what you got to try tonight.

“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day.”

I really hope this is what you really needed to read today and it helped you. Let me know in comments below what other practices bring a change in your life.

13 thoughts on “5 habits that are meant to bring a positive change in your life

  1. Sucheta

    Very helpful post dear, specially in such a busy life one should practice all these things to make themselves calm๐Ÿ˜Š
    P.S. already doing the 5th one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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