Ready to face the world.. #specialfunctions #latepost

Hey everyone!!

Welcome to another April update!

Warning: This one is going to be a personal update, pictorial of course. February was a month of so many family functions and get togethers. I got so many special occasions to doll up which I really stay far from in real life. So let me take you along on this work in progress side of me.

So let’s begin one by one.

First occasion is from a friends pre-wedding get together. I decided to go for a dress style which was really in at that time. Also, I am not a pro with hair styles and make up, but I keep it simple every time and what suits me the best.
The dress type is “Sharara dress”
Hair style and make by self.


The next one is also another friend’s pre-wedding function. Yeah! It really was a wedding month. I decided to go for a simple classy suit attire with a professional hair do.
The dress type is Suit with open flare Palazzo pants.
Make up by self.
Hair by Cleopatra Sector 9 Chandigarh

5th Feb resized 1
This was how my hair looked. Dreamy!

And this was the final look.

5th Feb resized 3


The next comes my cousin’s wedding functions. Ohh! what a wonderful time we, as family, spent together. So the first one was Mehendi function most commonly known as Henna (as you can see I have applied it on my hands).
Dress type is suit again with a very famous Punjabi folk Phulkari dupatta.
Make up and hair by self.

IMG_8886 Resize
Apologies for the lighting.


The next was my cousin’s engagement function. So I finalized my dress as an English gown with a traditional shrug jacket with hair and make up by professional.
Dress type: An English gown with traditional shrug jacket
Hair and make up by Shadow Saloon Patiala

IMG_3831 Resize
This is how my Hair do came out to be!
UBIT8305 Resize
Another view!

And this was my final look.

IMG_3839 resize

IMG_E3836 Resize


And then came my cousin’s Wedding night. So I decided to go with a western crop blouse and a trendy skirt with hair and make up again by professional.

This was my idea for my attire for the wedding. I found it from Pinterest and it really intrigued me.


Dress type: Western blouse and trendy skirt
Hair and make up by Shadow Saloon Patiala

Hair do ๐Ÿ™‚

And this is the final look – one of my personal favorite!



I surely have realized that dressing up is so much fun, but it sure can be stressing too. But we should definitely do it once in a while to feel good about ourself.

Hope this post cheered you up a little bit. Have a great time ahead guys!!

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