Spreading Positivity

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In this universe of negativity, a small heartiest effort to spread positivity! – Via Intellectual Owl

Hello all beautiful readers out there!!

In our routines however we start our day, we are exposed to negativity all around, be it external or internal. External environment is definitely responsible for it like the inhumanity, accidents, natural calamities, unfair practices and so on. But more often it is in our minds too, the internal environment that impacts us deeply. What if this happens? – Negative approach! I am gonna get late today! – Negative self assertions.

What as we support groups, writers and motivators can do to change it? The answer is absolutely nothing. It is all inside you as an individual. The power to change the thought process is inside you. No body can do that for you but YOU.

We have hyped about the existence of negativity. We know how badly it affects us all. But the real need is to know how to counter it. The important part is to find ways to lessen it and make lives more sustainable.

Here I would like to share a beautiful example that my grandfather once explained me.

He kept a situation in front of me and asked me to answer the best possible way out. Let me put it forward for you all as well. So there is a table in a center of a room which is very sturdy and heavy. There is an ink pot full of ink kept on it. Explain a way in which the ink pot can be emptied.

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Some of the answers I, then, used were:

Pick up the ink pot and empty it. But the ink pot is stuck to the table.

Pick up the entire table and tilt it till the ink drops out. Table is too heavy to be picked up.

I gave up pretty early but you can still try on.

And then my grandfather, after seeing how hard I wanted to know the answer, took my hand in his and explained. “It is very simple. We take on a beaker of water and start pouring the water in ink pot.” The liquid starts spilling out of the ink pot. As we keep pouring the water, slowly the ink water gets lighter and lighter in color. And eventually the ink completely disappears and the ink pot is left with clear water.

That is what positive thoughts do in our mind full of negativity. It cleanses and purifies it entirely. And for this to happen, we need to keep adding positive thoughts in our mind just like water into ink pot.

There are not thousands, but amazingly millions of ways to find and allow positivity to enter into our frame of mind. Let’s discuss simple 4 ways here and hope it makes your day a positive happy one.

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  • Declare to yourself that You are the one. You cannot clone yourself to be someone you are not. Neither can someone else become what you are. You are unique in whatever way you are different from the rest of the world. Simply declare this to yourself every single day. Affirm and see how your day kick starts and brings a ray of positivity.
  • Identify thoughts, things, people and surroundings that motivate you. To have an infill of positivity, identify your surroundings. Keep distance with living or non living things that pull you down. Once you know a particular object is perfect to push you through the day, your flow of the day has already started in the right direction.
  • Never cease to learn something new each day. The best part of learning, whatever field it may be in, is that it builds confidence in you, which is a great sign of positivity. Not just a human being, but nature, animals, even non living objects like a simple piece of art can teach you way more than you have ever imagined. Children are the best teachers; at least that is what I like to believe in. You can learn so much just by observing what a child does or simply how his or her curious mind works.
  • Take out time to read a little and write a little every day. Not the NDTV or Hindustan Times news app on phone or whatsapp texts, but the real stuff. Read positive and inspiring quotes, how people have overcome their fears in life and read your mind at the start and end of the day. Write what’s your plan for yourself, your ambitions, goals, your feelings, how you have come this far in your life. Capture your day. This particular activity works as therapy and takes out everything on paper, your mental state, fear, strength, frustration, emotions and what not. And once you have it out of your mind, you now have space for positive and courageous self reminders that you can really work on and move forward.

I know this is just the start but surely and steadily we all will meet at the path where the search will be on to find even greater aspects of positivity. I hope these words reach out to every person who really needs it today.

Let me know in comments below what you feel about spreading positivity and what other ways you would like to add to the list.

Via- Intellectual Owl

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11 thoughts on “Spreading Positivity

  1. Aman Kamboj

    Well written 👌
    I have to say:
    First, you articulate your expression into writings very perfectly. Well done Aarzoo.
    Second, All know the quote.. Be positive… But nobody mean it…. Because they see it just as a quote.. Nothing they do with it. So its appreciable that your quoted the ways to positivity( 4 points).
    Third, nowdays people judge everyone around, but they dont know about themselves… What they are? No body knows. They dont give time to themselves( this is the most negative point). We must know ourselves first ( my suggestion).

    The four points you discussed to remains positive and self esteamed are seriously very effective . I hove every one will follow these steps.

    So hats off to you Aarzo for your writings for public. Stay tuned like this. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your words and for sharing your words of wisdom Aman! I truly agree with your point to know ourselves first before judging others. 🙂
      I really hope this reaches everyone who needs it 🙂
      And you are always welcomed 🙂


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