First walk to remember {#episode1}

Hey Everyone!!

Hope this day is treating you well! I have been thinking a lot lately and wanted to turn these thoughts into episodes of a story by pouring in my thoughts of unspoken feelings of an unknown girl. So this will be a story divided into two episodes, each uplifting the moods of a girl and all sorts of web of thoughts that revolves inside her mind.


It was an uncomfortable late March evening, when the days had just begun to get slightly longer and the hours in a day had begun to stretch more than they earlier did. It was time for a usual cup of green tea and the evening chattering-free viewing from the balcony. After such a productive day of putting in the effort to complete tasks of the day, finish on the assignments and checking out any new requirement of local freelance website designing, it is this moment that gives her the time to reflect on her day. After she is done with her tea, she welcomes her parents who have just returned from the day’s work from their respective workplaces.

She had never imagined herself to be at home for this long. But neither was she made up of that kind of material which could be just used as an employee at the office to draw revenue simply to glorify business of the company. She wanted to do more of her bit, and for that she was waiting for a nice break and profile to join next. Meanwhile she still was working and putting in daily hours as a freelance website designer.

After the evening walk, the dinner and usual exchange of daily day’s progress with the family, she retired into her room. The place where she created most of her creative pieces, the place that helped her introspect about her every decision, the place where it all started, the place where she managed to heal herself and the place where another chapter of her life was to begin. She was not an introvert, but she definitely knew to give herself the time she needed to come out of what had just happened and build her of whatever was left of her.

This month had been at peaks of everything. Peak of travel plans, peak of entertainment but then there were peak times of hopelessness and peak times of loneliness. While scrolling some social media apps, the idea popped into an ideal mind about checking out a dating app to kill time. Though there were other ways too but then those ways would help to pass time not to fill in the void of sitting alone with no one to speak with.

So being a techy, she checked latest social networking apps and rechecked the reviews that accompanied. Finally an app was downloaded, fake name with no profile details was updated and screening of people started in a jiffy, as if it were a new toy just been out of a hurriedly unwrapped gift paper by an impatient child.

She was reminded of the college days, when newly exchanged numbers between girls and boys were considered first victory and the texting continuously for hours, without getting bored of each other, was the next. She came across few profiles which seemed to have a nice display picture, but then toffee cover cannot always portray the real picture of taste of the candy inside. She chatted with few. Some were amateurs, some just wanted to score a chic and surprisingly there was a category of genuine people who wanted a network of good people. She received a text from one out of that category.

And this was a turn in the story which she would never forget in her near future. For the beauty of the story let’s denote him with pronouns. So he was a guy with no profile details, but evidently he had very tastefully uploaded different pictures that displayed his interests in various fine activities and places that he had traveled. She replied his text and introduced herself, of course with the fake name! She was one of those who did not reveal herself until she was sure of the person at other end.

She connected with few others too, but really got along just him. Pretty well actually. Every message, every text was like they both were discovering each other as a person they never knew could have existed. The conversation seemed to be a never ending one. It was a familiar feeling to her, just like the feeling of conversation with a college crush. They discussed, asked and answered whatever they wanted to know about each other.

After couple of hours she eventually got tired of typing this much in just one day. She was not used to it. Once, she thought of bidding goodbye and sleep, but in her heart she knew she was really liking to talk to this new person. Instead of planning to sleep, she simply asked the guy if he wished to speak on phone, right then… right that moment! She was sure that this gesture must have been a surprise for the guy. She waited patiently for his text. And he texted that he could in another 5-7 minutes. She took a sigh of relief because she now knew she had more time with him and he, besides being shocked, was equally making an effort to keep the conversation going on.

The call was made. And oh God! that voice, his voice, so deep, so intoxicating. For a moment she questioned herself “what has she done”? But then they both started talking. It must have been around 2 hours on text and another 2 hours on call. That night seemed a never ending dream. There were days when she felt so lonely, and then came this day, which propelled her to connect so well with him that neither of the two wanted to keep the phone down. There were unpredictable moments on call as well but then when the inner voice is strong enough to keep the conversation going on, you tend to handle everything that comes across. Finally they decided to sleep for some while.

He had no intention to let her go, at least that what sounded to her while he kept trying to strike another topic for them to talk on call. It must have been around 5:20am in the morning when they finally bid goodbyes, with heavy hearts of course! And they wished they could be in touch going forward. They really hoped!!

She felt alive, hopeful and cheerful all along the conversation with him. Was it about the call, the clicking or just him? That 4 hour interaction just made her realize the feeling of being a happy soul and the feeling of being appreciated for her identity and thought process. It is beautiful to think about how one birthplace binds 2 strangers completely. With tired eyes she went into a dreamy sleep.

Next morning was spectacular. An unbelievable night has made her think so. The daily routine kept its pace but she never missed a moment thinking about how it all went. There were moments when they exchanged a few messages as the day passed. Every text brought smiles to both their faces. And fate again, brought them to a point where it happened.

Yes they finally managed to meet before he could leave for another city for 3-4 busy months.


Find out what happens when they meet in Episode 2.
Till then let me know in comments below if you liked what you read and if you wish to read more of such stories.


15 thoughts on “First walk to remember {#episode1}

  1. Tamanna Sehgal

    Waiting eagerly for next episode..u hv mastered the art of making the reader absorb in your writings…on a busy morning…I m glued to it….❤️❤️

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