First nomination for an award in the blogging world

Hey Guys!!

I am so excited to write this post because, yes in the world of blogging, this is my first ever nomination. Yayyiieeee!


Firstly there are few awesome people on Earth whom I would really like to mention here.

Thedreamer because of whom I am here to write my heart out. The first ever person who has inspired me so much with her beautiful inside out soul and her writing at such a budding age. Love you loadsss….

Victoria from Sweden – My all time favorite wordpress supporter and a realistic person, who says her heart out, come what may! Her write ups are so unique that you actually want to fly down to her place and meet her in person. She truly displays the reality of “The perfect blend of beauty with brains”

And finally, Ortensia from Truly Madly Ordinary.Stories From The Heart. She is a hard core lover of exceptional porches, an Italian adventure and stories. A beautiful soul with the power to excel and embrace and also the initiator of this award.

Check out their blog, their power to entertain your minds and shower them with your love and support. Because when we are together we can achieve so much more.

And now the nomination part. So the sentence is:

“When I can’t see myself in the mirror, I can’t even feel myself, and I begin to wonder if I exist at all.”

And my 3 associations are as below:-

  1. A so called built in image in mind, which every one around you wants you to be, and you try your best to become that but that is NOT YOU in reality. You are so much more than that image. And to see the real you, you need a perspective, your own perspective, your ambitions and your satisfaction.
  2. My eyes are searching that healthy body in the mirror that can be a comfortable and easy home for my mind. A place where my mind can rest soulfully, peacefully and conquer the world with its power.
  3. And finally, when I do see myself in mirror, I know I am here to do more of my bit.

    So there is a reason why everyone should be able to recognize oneself in mirror. That’s how we humans will grow!

I loved writing this post so much. Maybe I am just too excited after all. Hehe!

Anyways, this post needs to be rewarding too. So initiated as ‘Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts’ Award from Ortensia – Truly Madly Ordinary


The rules are simple:

Here’s the thought:

“Looking through the window, I could see the two love birds hanging on a branch of a beautiful Japanese tree lilac. And whenever I am able to see them together on that tree, it proves to be a good omen. I wonder what it is this time!”

Give me your first 3 associations 🙂 and be creative (a poem, a flash story… a photo?). With so many of you in my mind, I’ll still name the one’s I really want the answers from:


The Little Wise Owl

Education Motivation Inspiration


That’s all for this one, and yes I am still so excited. 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful time ahead.

10 thoughts on “First nomination for an award in the blogging world

  1. I am no one to inspire a personality like yours. U r way above me..And this journey that you’ve had with the writing and everything…You actually set an example with all that u do…Hats off sis! Really..No matter how many I tell u..It won’t be enough but I am a very lucky soul that I had this amazing a blessing as u in my life!!😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are just too kind to say all that lovely. We both know I am here blogging partly because of you and your innocent cute write ups that inspired me to take out and display that writer in me! I pray that all your wishes come true and yeah you’ve got to take part in nomination😃✌🏼

      Liked by 1 person

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