First walk to remember {#episode2}

Hello all lovely people out there!!

She was dying to tell you all rest of her story. So here is what happened when they finally met. And for all the lovely readers who have just stopped by on this particular post, firstly heartiest welcome to my blog, and secondly, this is what happened in Episode 1.


It was a Thursday, a beautiful Thursday of March 2018, when after that lovely night they both wanted to know how each of their day was going on. But deep down, they both wanted to know whether or not they are being missed. While the conversation was going on, she asked about his favorite places which he visits once he is back in his hometown. There was a reason why she initiated this question. You see she had one favorite spot, which she just loved to visit every few days. A beautiful lake with the most breath taking beauty around it. She wanted to know if that was one of those places that he likes.

He named few of his favorite go-to places and the magic was, he mentioned the lake too! So they started sharing how both of them liked going to that lake and enjoy the beauty there. He mentioned that he was planning to go to the lake the following day. It was kind of a hint, but surprisingly, she was too excited to continue explaining the power of that lake to bring you back to your senses and experience peace. He then asked if it could be possible that they could meet before he leaves the next day.

He sounded confused because he did not want her to think that he is coming out too strong and too quick, you know! He had felt something unique about her, and he wanted it to last and not to vanish as soon as he left the city. She thought about it and assured him that it would be actually great to meet in person. And that is when they both made a tentative plan to meet the next day. It was just yesterday night that they had exchanged their numbers, talked for hours, and couldn’t help but think about just each other. And they were about to meet the next day.

It was not a normal Friday. It was a Good Friday. Sometimes the special thing has to happen on a special day. The day went by just as usual in wait for that evening, much awaited evening.

She got ready, not too much of anything but just enough to leave a spectacular first glance of grace. While she was on her way to the lake, she nervously looked into the sky and saw mesmerizing moonlight all over. It was a full moon night with moon shining bright and she felt as if it was backing her up to go for it. She knew she had to come out strong, even if the meeting does not come across as expected. But she had a positive gut feeling, a feeling that she so truly believed in.


She reached at the parking that they were to meet. He just arrived in about time to catch the next parking slot by her car. And their eyes met. In this age of social media, fake profile ID’s and two faced people’s generation, two genuine strangers actually met. And oh so beautiful was the meeting. The minute they shared their first glance, everything was just a standstill. They shook hands, a warm touch of two beautiful souls. She, though lost in observing his gentleness, was kind of alert, nervous, more of a listener at first, but it just kind of settled from there on.

They walked all along the lake, talking to each other and reliving the other night’s conversations. They both somehow knew that they were really liking to see the real person behind that call. She couldn’t ask as many of her questions she had thought all day long but somehow she got all her answers. He and she, both were perfectly at the stage of matrimony, but were still in search of their partners. They sat down at banks of the lake taking in the moment. She asked him about the one thing he really wanted in his life partner, and while he was answering very articulately, she looked deep into his eyes. Those eyes had a story she did not know, but whatever it was he had surely seen the tougher end and he was practical enough to take the next step in life. He had learned his lesson, it seemed. And she was somehow content knowing that, because surely she had too learnt her as well.

She knew she had met many people and friends but never had she come across someone with so much clarity of thought. And after their meeting, both questioned themselves “Was this person really the one?”

They did not flirt. Thank the good lord. They talked to each other. They listened each other. Because they knew this was the only possible time they could get to know each other. He was leaving for another city the next day and they won’t be able to see each other for another couple of months.

There are moments which leave an impact on you. There are people due to which certain places or possessions become more memorable to you. That was one of those moments. He and she knew it by the end of the meeting that this has been one of the most wonderful evenings, an unforgettable one. An evening when two people had so truly gelled along and connected.

Her first walk with him. It was inexplicable.

Truth behind the entire story, no they did not fall in love instantly, did not feel “this is it” in the first meet itself, did not kiss for sure, although she really hoped all of that had happened. But it was this ‘First walk’ that was so special. Special to her. Something to be preserved forever. A ray of hope, A dream and power of Magic. This could be it- It could be him!

No one knew what was coming their way. They just had to wait for the destiny to draw their life picture together!

That’s all for this one guys. Hope you enjoyed reading his and her story. Let me know in comments below if you want to read more of such short stories.

Much Love❤️❤️


7 thoughts on “First walk to remember {#episode2}

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  2. Ashish

    Nice one…a positive end to their story with the ray of hope…we always believe in let’s hope for the best but the deeds are in our own hands whether we are doing good or bad so that hope will flourish or not

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