The power of unspoken words

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A wishful story of unspoken words.. “What if it had been true?”, “What if I had the to courage to tell her the truth?”, What if I had listened to my inner voice then?”

Do these words sound familiar? I know, somewhere deep down, your heart is yelling a Yes. It’s good if you can relate and agree to it, because hardest of all is to admit. And its even great if the answer is No, because then you might have already listened to your inner voice and are living the life you wanted.

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Hey everyone and welcome to another lovely day!!

Today I am going to put forward something which I am sure you already know. Yes the greatest power in this world, more like one of the greatest. Gosh there are so many powers!! The power which is already inside you, the power of unspoken words.

How often do we realize that every situation or problem we face already has a solution that is answered by our inner voice? The most important thing is the power our inner conscious beholds. Unspoken words are not just normal conversational words. These are the words that come from within, pushed by our conscious mind till our mouth and somehow controlled and retained within us. These words have the power to turn your world into entirely new direction.

Talking about this always reminds me of the times we interact with toddlers. Their curious minds are so inquisitive to ask about everything. They don’t hold back while they question or even while they state something they feel. What changes us as we grow up? Our choices, assumptions or surroundings? I am not a poster child of speaking up. Trust me! But why is that I want to discuss all this with you. Because I think this needs to be changed. Yes we all have to be courageous to speak up what we really feel.

It is a matter of self discovery that will help us bring out the courage to speak our mind and probably first step towards achieving what we really wish happens but never strive for. Having said all about it, I feel we must go through few points that will help us open our mental blocks and let our unspoken words out.

  1. Identify: Necessities and wants of your life differently. Trust your instincts because you know what you really can’t live without and what you simply want in life.
  2. Relate to your goals: Relate your goals of life and where you are heading to. Are there some voices inside you that are being unheard?
  3. Calculate: Once you have identified, calculate how much it is going to build you. There are certain steps you might have to take which may not be beneficial immediately but will have prolonged success.
  4. Take a minute to respond: In situations, where you really need to speak what you feel is true, and not what people simply expect out of you, take a minute to analyze your reply. It honestly takes few seconds to formulate the reply which will affect your unspoken wish to come true.
  5. Build courage to speak your mind out: This is not a lecture, I hope not, but the courage to speak your mind comes slowly with practice. Start with small situations where you can place your opinions without any fear. And when the time comes to face the real challenge, amidst people where you cannot simply let decisions being made without hearing out your opinions, the habit of placing them without fear will help you win battles hands down.
  6. Mind your tone: It is of utmost importance to mind the tone in which you are letting others know what you have to say. The tone, not entirely, but up to some amount will help the listener determine your personality and ability to convince them. And finally!

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 7. Go create history: Once you have understood the art of not keeping your words to yourself and making an impact with them in outer world, there are oceans of opportunities to excel.

Always remember,

“When we are unable to speak what we really wish to do and instead do what others want us or have already decided for us to go with, we tend to create a dependency of always being told what to do and never to lead!”

Hope you have a great time ahead. Let me know in comments below if you want to add some of your views to the list.

Via intellectual owl

11 thoughts on “The power of unspoken words

  1. Tamanna Sehgal

    Yes…I think…I do all …because by this age…you are able to see the larger perspective ..more so..u have learnt by experience ..that listening to ur heart..will actually comfort your heart atleast…!!

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