A week in pictures!

Hey everyone!!

Hope you are doing great. Here I am with another fun update with something different this time. I remember the time when I was a kid and understood the story of different story books at night, just by the illustration of pictures in it. It was fun though. And this is gonna be somewhat like that with a little description of course! (Because hey!, I still want to write).

Summers are truly great for capturing beauties around you. So let this summer begin with “a week in pictures” update.

Day 1- A morning walk (Clicked at 7:17 AM)

Day 1
A walk under the morning Sun.

A bright day, just about to begin, with such refreshing greenery simply has just another level impact on you and your day.

Day 2- A night drive (8:36 PM)

Day 2

Yes my city is a traffic free zone, at the moment, as compared to other cities, so a short drive after a day’s work feels like a super relaxing thing to do.

Day 3- Weekend getaway (9:19 AM)

Day 3
A mid way capture! Beauty.

We planned a short trip to a nearby small hill station (Barog) to rejuvenate. Mountains are always so welcoming and refreshing.

Day 4- Morning view from my room (7:28 AM)

Day 4

It was so beautiful and pleasant out there. The power of the air and vibe around you to make you feel at a state of complete tranquility was unmatched. Truly!

Day 5- A day with good captures and selfies! (11:19 AM)

The *meaning* of life is to find your gift.

The *purpose* of life is to give it away.

-Piyush Jain


Day 5
And this was my gift! NATURE ๐Ÿ™‚

A very dear mentor sent me these beautiful lines which I had to share with you all. Loved this day’s capture and how well it fitted with this quote!

Day 6 – An evening back at home (5:57 PM)

Day 6

The day we were back home from the short weekend getaway. A usual evening in my balcony.

Day 7 – My current books (1:41 PM)

Day 7
Current novel and notebook

I am almost about to finish this book and will update its review by the end of next week. And I simply love my current notebook in which I scribble my blog ideas and content for upcoming posts.

That’s all for this one guys. Hope you like the concept.

Let me know in comments below about your week too!


9 thoughts on “A week in pictures!

  1. Heya
    Started reading your blog with A week in Pictures.
    Well I’ll say it’s a very good idea.
    Sometimes each picture is enough to bring memories of the lifetime and sometimes whole lot of pictures reminds us of that one special beautiful moment which we wish to be in forever .
    Overall very nice and keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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