Truth, love and a little malice by Khushwant Singh #bookreview

Hey all lovely readers out there!

We meet here again with another book review. For the month of May, I chose to review this autobiography of a very well known Indian figure Khushwant Singh. The reason why I used “figure” for him will be clear within the review!

One of my dear friends recommended this author to me days back and I was able to get this book really cheap on Amazon. So let’s get started.


Key highlights of the book:

The book cover-
When it comes to autobiographies, the one’s I have come across have display pictures of the person with various quotes, life achievements or designated posts. This is the first autobiography where I found the book cover surprisingly different. The cover design hints at the prospect of the author who is actually winding up his life, his writing, his aspirations and his witty humor in style with this gift to himself and the world. The cover photograph is by Dinesh Khanna.

Book cover

The Plot-
It is a life story of a a fierce lion compiled in complete package offering author’s insights, understanding and situations faced in life. From the time he came into this world, growing up with grandmother, acquiring education in Lahore and London,  watching nations fight and partitioned, earning through a career with which he wasn’t in love with, self discovery of the writing instinct inside him, the break about his first published book, the enormous amount of friends and enemies he made, exorbitant amount of disclosures about people (even the really famous one’s) out in the world and their real faces all expressed with his personal flavored opinions.

Talking about autobiography, one has to reach at a level of achievement. That was what I thought. But this book changed my theory about it. This book is a celebration of a live well lived. Nothing super awesome and no award winning, awe inspiring laurels, but simple plain blunt truth. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read. Reading this, will introduce you to a person who has done what he wanted to do in his life without regrets.

The reason I initially used figure for this personality is because no matter how famous and renowned writer he was, the real picture was very boldly and distinctively described in the book. So, the appreciable part is the way the author opens about himself.

Best characteristics:

  • The chapter names: If I have to describe the author’s choice of chapter names in one word, it would be classy.
  • Witty take on every person that touched his life and various situation he faced in his life. The best thing about this characteristic in this book is that the reader is exposed to a new way of facing the life situations with a brilliant and well worded witty humor.
  • The birth, growth and death– written with such minute details and thorough clarity of mind that it ensures to leave the reader asking questions and listening to their inner self about their own existence. The brave way to embrace and getting ready to face end of a life by the author tends to leave a very different lasting impression on readers.


Sure, autobiographies are meant to leave an impact and motivate a reader about author’s struggle and victorious stories. But this memoir was a straight life story, without evoking even the slightest of inspiration to learn something. Yes, you enjoy reading the lavish life lived in style and his associations with people, but honestly a reader could draw very little wisdom out of it. Of course, not all books are meant to share wisdom.

Book score

Book in a line: A book capturing a life well lived!


A man’s learning, the wisdom he has garnered from books die with him, but what he puts on paper lives on after he is gone.

That’s all for this one. Let me know in comments below about your reviews of this book or any other recommendation from this author!

Have a great day guys!
Keep yourself hydrated and happy summers!

7 thoughts on “Truth, love and a little malice by Khushwant Singh #bookreview

  1. Never read the author… great review 🙂 as usually. Love all those scores haha
    About the autobiography in general: I’m always kind of careful with them, but it is good to read different genres, so I do that time to time: picking a memoir or autobiography. I’m actually reading one right now lol about the famous handball-player.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe! Thanks ❤️ True.. And sports autobiographies are very very inspiring. For my next Im looking for a book about Dalai Lama and his teachings and probably next about a runner/ running inspiration! If any suggestions, let me know!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun 🙂 Yeah it was a good read. And also I feel if we are putting in so much time to read about someone, we might as well make sure it helps us grow! 😊 Have a great time ahead 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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