The night when that doorbell rang {#episode-1}

Hello all lovely readers out there!

Do you like surprises? Me?… Yes of course I love surprises! And I am sure many of you must have been surprised by your loved ones one too many times. So here I bring to you a story, precisely a surprise, that changed two lives on the night when that door bell rang.


Friday 7:10pm

She grabbed a few extra beer bottles, some snacks for binge eating and her first love – Bourgogne Pinot Noir while grabbing grocery on a Friday evening. It was a long week, on top of that an extra long day at work and now she simply wanted a refill before she could jump upon the pending cleaning, laundry and dinner stuff.

On reaching home, she noticed her neighbors were having a party. She tried sneaking in her apartment before they could see her, but she heard her name being called by the host. Office fatigue helped her portray that she was hell tired. So she politely refused the invitation to the party and closed the door. She was finally at her home. Alone.

Into her PJ’s, a beer in hand, she cooked a lazy go to dinner and watched few episodes on Netflix. Past couple of months had been tough, considering the work load at new office, settlement in new apartment after the crazy apartment hunting, staying away from home for the very first time in her life and of course, not meeting him for the longest period ever!

As a ritual, she dialed the number and spoke to the most important person in her life- her Mom! Allow me to introduce her most important person no. 2, his long distance healer, best buddy and indispensable part of her life, his best friend. At least she liked to think of him as her best friend, his side story, we will get to that in a while.

With no plans for the weekend, she planned to work an extra day at office on Saturday and finish the presentation and client proposal for Monday. After the shower and all her skin care routines, she was almost on her bed with her book for the night read with her cute spectacles on that tiny little nose and with fragrant room humidifier, all set to slip in her book world at around 8:45pm when she heard a doorbell. She was alarmed, because no one was expected at this time that too on a Friday night. Last time she checked, all her friends already had their plans in place.

This was what scared her the most living alone – odd time doorbells. She checked herself in the mirror, just in case and also, as per her habit. She gave her steel rod umbrella, which was standing by the door, that look hoping she doesn’t gets to use it for self defense. Yeah, girls have stuff ready to counter attack, you see! From the eye hole, she could see…. wait what?? … Bunch of lovely pink Carnations wrapped beautifully and fingers holding them near eye hole so she could see them. Her heart jumped, but she was still. She wondered what was going on. She checked again through the hole, and yes it was him. Totally awestruck, she finally got herself out of inertia and opened the door. There he was with her favorite flowers and with the widest smile possible trying to make her come out of shock. She realized it was real, damn real. The next moment was the next step, real big for them. And it was this enormous happy and excited feeling inside of her that brought her the courage to hug him instantaneously. She hugged him with teary eyes, so wantingly, so passionately and so tightly. That moment could have seized if it were to be a movie or television sequence!

They had planned this weekend to be together on a holiday way back, but they got stuck due to work and the plan got cancelled. So he was here, finally! He was her best friend, partner in crime, vacation buddy, living and working more than 1000 miles away from her at the moment. To be more specific about the two, they were long distance friends, not lovers. But somehow they both were pretty sure they were gonna end up together, thanks to the level of mutual understanding and compatibility between them. But until now, they hadn’t stepped up from being just friends. But she hugged him for the first time this way! It surely was something. It was the first time they had ever come that close. They stepped inside her home.

He gave her the flowers he got for her and a pat on her head spoiling her already messy hair, which, earlier, she always got irritated with, but today she simply blushed. She got him some water and checked what she could possibly cook for him with all that stuff she owned in her kitchen. She was able to prepare a brown bread cilantro sandwich, with cheese and freshly cut tomatoes and slight butter spread in a jiffy, just the way he liked it. They sat down and he explained how he was able to execute this surprise after their plan got cancelled. She cancelled her plan to work the next day. Yes, she was pretty happy inside that he was here. After freshening up, she grabbed 2 beers and they both got comfortable in her room. There was so much to catch up, and obviously everything was not possible on calls you see!

They talked about everything that was going on in their lives. Their work routines, office life, friend circles and family updates. They just didn’t start over the most crucial topic of how much they were into each other and that they both wanted to take the next leap. Bound by the habit, they pre-planned their next day, cheerfully roaming around the city, trying out loads of food joints, capturing moments of how this weekend was gonna be. But she was unaware what this weekend was actually gonna be for her. While all these conversations, they were happily tired and soon dozed off while telling each other stories one by one. Next morning, she got up pretty early than usual. She dressed up and jogged to get some stuff required to prepare a very happily filling breakfast. Even before he woke up, she had prepared almost all the items for his breakfast, fresh pancakes, fresh juice, bacon sandwiches and egg omelets just the way he liked it with extra cheese and half folded.

It was a happy morning. They had their breakfast with so much laughter, my God! Then they got ready for the day. They went around all over the city starting from the infamous church, then a movie they wanted to watch together, thereafter, an amazing restaurant where she wanted to take him for lunch. They did some crazy street shopping afterwards and captured photographs for memories at the beach, watching the sunset together and finally stopped for a drink in a bar before they realized about their hunger pangs. Now, every normal human being would define all of the above as a date. But she was far from realizing it.

She began to make some calls to confirm reservations at her favorite restaurant for dinner, but he intervened and insisted on having dinner at home. There was something he had not told her yet and she needed to know. Their lives were about to change and no one knew whether this story was heading forward or was going to take an entirely upside down turn.


Find out what happens when they reach home in Episode 2.

Till then let me know in comments how you’d imagine this story to go forward. Show your support by liking, commenting and sharing this post with your loved ones!

11 thoughts on “The night when that doorbell rang {#episode-1}

  1. Tamanna Sehgal

    Love is only one thing which can turn even the saddest heart to smiles..and romance is one yoner which never fails to attract people of any age… optimistic person…will visualise a lovely dinner followed by the words…that how much they both missed each other…!!😀😀

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