‘Spin a Story’ Challenge

Hey Guys!

Welcome to another very interesting post. All thanks to Victoria and her tag for ‘Spin a Story’ Challenge! It really was fun attempting this one. You are welcome to participate and enjoy my story.


  1. Pick any book, newspaper, or magazine.
  2. Choose 3 random words (best if with your eyes closed).
  3. Create a story by using those 3 words or combinations of words. Give the name to your story, poem, flash fiction – if you like (not obligatory).
  4. The style and the genre of the writing – any.
  5. Pingback to my post, so that I can read your responses.
  6.  Nominate up to 5 blogs. Have fun!

My chosen words were:

Spin a story challenge

My story goes here:-

The blissful downpour

The  circle of life is such that no matter how much you want to avoid a person, situation or inner fears – they come back to haunt you. And Patrick was very well aware of it. All that was required, was mental acceptance of the inner emotions and further on to act upon a course of action towards progress.

It was time for Sparky’s walk, the only one around Patrick who loved him more than anyone else. Of all the things dear to Patrick, the most essential was Sparky’s companionship. They both went out as per their usual routine. It was warned on TV channels that it might rain, but he didn’t believe as it was quite sunny. And in matter of minutes, there were dark clouds hovering over making loud thunderous sounds. Sparky got excited, that adorable little white and brown beagle. But Patrick was firm on the hold of leash to take him back home.

It started pouring heavily. Sparky jumped and enjoyed the rain in spite of Patrick’s efforts to drag him home. Sparky ran around him in joy. Initially frustrated, Patrick realized how amazing is the tremendous power within you that helps you overcome anything – your fears, inhibitions and your habit of restricting your mind in a box of routines and to-do lists.

Patrick looked in the sky, taking the downpour on his face with splashing rain drops and smiled. He now knew that he was ready to face and overcome his fears and would take the challenges face to face.

Sparky yet again managed to teach something valuable to Patrick just by his tiny gestures. ❤️



Akshika – Soul Symphony – Because she writes from her heart!

Kavya – A Canvas To Describe Feelings – Because your articles have left me speechless. I want to learn more from you.

Manish – changeyourlife


The Art of Blogging

Navigate my recovery  – I would love to read how you can inspire us through a story 🙂

PATRICK STORIES – Because my story is on you Patrick 😛

lovenlosses – Because I’m in love with your poems.

*And anyone who would like to participate.


That’s all for this one guys. Write something spectacular and link this post so that I can read your responses! Shower your support by liking, commenting and sharing this post with your loved ones.

And if you like some romance stories, you can check my recent stories First walk to remember and The night when that doorbell rang.

Have a great rainy day ahead!

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