The night when that doorbell rang {#episode-2}

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Welcome to another lovely part of a story. For all the lovely readers who have just stopped by on this particular post, firstly heartiest welcome to my blog, and secondly, this is what happened in Episode 1.


So they got their food packed for take away, and drove back home. On reaching, they settled. Together, they set the table. He got the drinks and glasses along. They sat down and had their dinner. Once done with that, they cleared stuff, washed the dishes together, got changed and grabbed a beer, each, over which to talk. He somehow managed to excuse himself to prepare. For what..? In a moment.

Yes he was sure about it. He knew this was what he always wanted.

So he started the conversation and asked her where their story was heading, to which her reaction was totally numb. She had no answer to that, at the moment. He made her feel comfortable and talked some sense to the, now so out of focus mind of her’s. When he felt she was all ears and was getting all this stuff, he knelt down, took out a small blue ring box, opened the glittery thing out and popped the question… “Will you, the most amazing human being I have ever met on this planet Earth, accept me as your slightly boring but immensely loving husband?…. And will you be my pancake maker for life? Just to make sure you are out of shock and getting these questions right…. will you marry me?”

She knelt down the very next second, half crying and half wondering what just happened, and of course with the widest smile possible. She looked into his eyes and opened her mouth to utter, “Are you sure about this?”. The moment was still. Both lost in each other’s eyes. She waited till he nodded. She then added, “Because I am not. You know its a Yes, it will always be a Yes for you, I love you. But I am not sure of marriage. Should we wait and see how it goes”…. and while she was speaking, he grabbed her neck and kissed her, and kissed her real good, with the passion he always held to himself but was sure to unleash it today. Their minds were flying with imaginations of what’s gonna happen next but they didn’t stop kissing, a kiss which they both had waited a long time for. He said, “I know we are, READY!” She smiled at him and, with a huge embrace, welcomed him into her arms.

Now, they knew this was it, this was what they had always wanted, and this was what was gonna stay forever. So there was absolutely no question of waiting further to make up mind for marriage. They were ready and all set to be husband and wife.

A year later, he and she were married, happily working, and chasing their dreams together. Yes she cooked pancakes for him and he cleaned the mess that she created in the kitchen later. They grabbed a beer, each, after dinner, and talked about life goals and aspirations, about future.

Friday 9:20pm

It was 9:20 pm, the same Friday evening, when she woke up and stumbled out of her bed wondering what she just saw in her dream. She was pretty much alone in her house, single, af, and it was a weekend with bundles of laundry still pending, book half read on bed and a doorbell ringing. She checked herself, and opened the door. It was the security guard of the building, who wanted to inform her about her car’s open window. She went to the parking and rolled up the window, locked her car and came back. She sat on her couch and went through the events in her dream, once again.

Was this what she really wanted? Was this her eternal happiness? Was he the one she wanted to spend her life with? She wondered because that dream really made her soul happy. If this was it… then she might as well have to take the leap to make it happen!

She smiled to herself and booked the flight for the next day as she now had a surprise in her mind.


That’s all for this one! Hope you enjoyed reading this story. Let me know your responses by liking, commenting and sharing this post with your loved ones.

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Have a great day ahead guys!!

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