That one gesture.. #Gratitude

Hey Everyone!

Wish you a lovely morning! Hope life is turning out great for you all. Today I finally sat down to share with you a very genuinely happy gesture that I happened to experience recently. It is isn’t everyday that you bump into a random stranger who, by his simplistic action turns around your approach towards whatever you had planned to conquer that day, even the little tasks. And, well, you actually do and feel pretty great about it later in the day.

I was actually at the receiving end of it. But honestly, it is really worth more than every single word expressed in this post.


There is a beautiful lake in my hometown, a picturesque beauty. Something I would never be able to distance myself from anytime soon in future. It has a beautiful road, with joggers track beside it, adjoining a small portion of green park patch running along the curve of the lake. This track has been made with expertise for walkers, joggers and beauty admirers. It is a place meant for every age group and leaves anyone who visits it mesmerized by the spell of peace it casts. I can literally go on and on. But let’s go to the gesture part now.

Sukhna Lake

Recently one morning, I got up and went for a refreshing walk by the lake. For a city in plains, you can expect the rush of morning walkers by the water even in early hours of the day. It was a normal day, and I started with some good lively songs in my playlist with my plan for walking the right pace to burn as many calories.

Now what gesture can change this – already good vibe?

While you are walking alone, of course with the company of your music, you tend to observe everything around. Nature, wildlife, people crossing you by and different aspects of emotions of people. On the observant mode, chances are meager of getting involved in an interaction with stranger until and unless you already know each other from past, you help someone in need or you are attracted towards someone. It is human nature. But how often is there an additional situation where you interact?

There is a Fourth one! On that particular day an elderly man, aged probably around 72-75, was there on lake as well for walk. A very simplistically dressed, with a turban held high and a stick in hand. He walked gracefully, actually brisk walked. The way he walked displayed the enormous amount of energy restore in his body even at this age. He was just a normal being, just like many other people present there. But what made me notice him was his gesture. The Gesture he was greeting everyone he crossed that day, every single person. When you read it, you might feel weird about it. Imagine when I saw it! But then when I came closer, he greeted me. I payed my regards to him in an Indian gesture of Namaste (Folded hands) and broadly smiled. He had just crossed me and continued greeting all the strangers till he vanished from my sight. But that impact was such, I kept smiling for so long.

It was a very simple doing. We do it with our family members, with colleagues and friends. How difficult is it for us to greet every passer by with positive words like “Wish you a very bright morning”, “Have a good day” or taking the Almighty’s name! My whole thought process was breezed with such happy emotions. On that particular day, I spread that recently acquired smile to strangers I was crossing, that too unintentionally. I finished my walk and came back home wondering how different and how much gleeful my mood was.

Few days later I sat down to rethink about the cause of that sheer happiness. Why was that gesture so strong? How was it so compelling to make the receiver smile? How did it immediately affect and spread positive vibes? There were various theories that my mind answered.

Probably, we live in a world where every human being opens his or her mouth with some intention. Be it an order for completion of work, a request for permission being granted, a subtle authoritative word for a patient or student to obey, a communication between partners to keep their relationships strong or simply to do a job. Nothing is said selflessly. That gesture was a selfless effort to bring smiles to human. There was absolutely no intention hidden behind it.

Some of you might think its crazy to sit and write an article about it. But trust me this gesture has left me amazed. So simple yet so powerful. If such a small deed can leave a mark and teach us compassion, then I wonder the power of bigger selfless deeds. Try going out and greeting every stranger you meet. The world around us is such that it will term you a lunatic person. It’s not that simple. A strong state of mind needs to be developed to be able to give compassion and to be humble in this world.

It is clear to me that I have a long way ahead to reach that happy state. And the best I could do in this situation is share this feeling with all of you amazing people out their. Whatever you are doing in your lives, try and bring cheer to at least one life, even it is for yourself! Because “You need to become what you want see around”.

Hope I made sense in this overexcited post of mine. Even if I didn’t, at least I smiled writing it. So yeah there goes my first step.

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Have a great day ahead people. Warm hugs to everyone πŸ™‚
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