Alright, let’s help you with this

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Hello all beautiful readers out there!

While all of us are happily busy with our lives, making an extra effort to help others and the less fortunate ones somehow remains a less priority than the rest of the tasks on our list, which is completely understandable and is a part of life. The only point to remember is not to completely wipe it out from our list.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

John Holmes

With this thought, I present to you a short story to awaken that compassionate being inside of you.


This is a story of a beautiful and humble homemaker Vaani living in the most happening city of India- Mumbai. She is married and has two kids. This setup is of a normal middle class household, happy family and members of family growing with time just as any other family. Everyone is busy with their day to day work and even if there is a slightest of possibility of someone thinking about this woman, about her day and what difference her life and her devotion makes to the world, he or she would surely be mistaken to simply put her down as a house wife. But that someone won’t be able to identify the real hero inside of her that easily.

So let’s dig into her life a bit more. She is responsible for handling household, and in addition to that she also posses superpowers to make people feel okay about themselves. Still common…. right? Everyone in India, or anywhere else, has a habit of offering free advice, also called “Muft ka gyaan”. So what’s the difference? Difference is the healing powers Vaani has towards the emotions and weakness of common public. She is a person who does good deeds other than the already existing workloads of laundry, cleaning, dusting, cooking and daily chores.


Many years down the line, when old age has hit her hard, she is still very happy with her journey of life. She is now a strong widow taking good care of herself independently. And her children are well settled and often come and spend time with her. As time goes by, she reminisces the past, and the only face that is clear in her memories is of that little boy’s. That little teary eyed boy.

What happened years back is still fresh in her memories.


Lives were normal and as per usual routine her husband went to office, kids to school, and she to her home affairs. But this is not a story which was supposed to be just another family life display on TV serials. This story had to come out in front of the world and make people realize how they can be real heroes even in disguise.

What real helping hand was she? She listened to the problems of people and she was rational and had guts to rectify people’s weaknesses. There were days when no one approached her and that day did not go by normally. She traveled to a busy road with two heavy water fillers and distributed water to thirsty people out there. She was magic. She posted letters for the aged, helped people in general wards of the hospital with their mini chores of the day as volunteer, she helped uneducated children by giving free lessons and she went to specially-abled school for children and told them exciting and wonderful stories of hope and righteousness. And most importantly she was instrumental in spreading smiles.

For every person in pain coming to her for help, her words always used to be, “Alright, let’s help you with this”.  Her happy family life was her strength and that was what kept her going.

She used to go to various nearby villages all by herself and used to educate women about various issues they might be unaware of, like how to take care of their personal hygiene, raise their children and to provide a good household environment. She used to take the local train to travel villages and places she wanted to go and help. While traveling, she always used to read self help books and happy motivational articles. What helped her going was her discipline. She had fixed hours within which she managed all this so as to give her full attention towards her household and family.

No one ever thought why she was doing all this? But that wasn’t important because she was happy doing it without any expectations in return.

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Meanwhile amidst her daily routine, near a very backward village, a small child came to her and asked her if she could help him. She bent down and looked at him with compassionate eyes and said, “Alright, let’s help you dear”. Happily charmed with those sad eyes, the young boy, with soft yet firm hands, held her hand and started taking her his way. She was not scared, though anyone in such situation would be. She somehow sensed real pain in those eyes. She kept on walking till that boy took her to a huge old tree where all these idols of Gods and Goddesses were decorated and it seemed as if it was some holy place for all the nearby villages. He pointed towards the idols with angry and teary eyes and called out for help. He said to her “Can you please request this God, that idol in the picture, to help me?”

She did not understand this gesture of the little boy. But she tried to understand what he was trying to explain. That little boy started crying with tears flowing non stop and his face in his hands. She came close and hugged him because all she knew was that he was in pain and he needed someone to listen to him. After that gush of emotions, he spoke to her with utter innocence, “the idol in the picture is not helping me”. She then asked him, “How can I help you to make the idol listen to you without knowing the problem?” No one had ever asked him this. His tears suddenly stopped. He said, “Everyone thought I was mad. You are the first one to actually acknowledge, probe and agree to help me”.

With plain simple words, he again requested her, “Please ask the idol in these pictures to help me save my mother. She is in a pretty bad shape and will die if God won’t help”. He added further, “This is where my mom used to bring me to pray and wish for a good and healthy future for us, and now my mother is seriously ill and the idol- “the God” in the picture is not listening to my prayers”. Listening to this, tears came rolling down from her eyes.

Her reply after hearing all this was, “Alright, let’s help you with this”. He wiped off his face quickly and started introducing this women, he has just met to the idol in picture. It was sad to see this little boy having so much faith in a non living frame that he called his idol. The problem was not the faith but the wrong teaching. But more importantly there was much more to the problem now. She asked him to take her to his mother as she wanted to see her.

The boy took her to his house, a small merely livable place in a village nearby, where everything was in just one room. He pointed towards the bed and said, “Look at my mother lying here all sick and almost dying”. Vaani’s face blanched looking at the bed, back at the boy and again towards the bed. The bed was empty.

She was sure that his mother would have been somewhere here and there. So she searched for her. But soon after learning the reality from the vibes she collected from the boy’s house and after talking to some neighbors, she understood the mother was not the problem, but the boy definitely was in a serious problem. That boy was in pain. Pain of letting go of his mother who died couple of months back. That poor fellow could still see her lying in bed. He was hallucinating, not imagining, but actually in medical terms, dealing with serious loss and trauma.

Finally she convinced him that, “we will together help your mother son, but first you need to find medicine for your mother. And for medicines we have to go to a doctor. I will take you along as I know a very good doctor.” The boy’s eyes beamed with hope and he agreed to go along her. She helped him throughout the duration, accompanying him to general physician and psychologist consultation sessions. She helped him to come out of this trauma. With such support and good medical assistance, he recovered sooner than expected. With passage of time, she helped the boy with his school admission, education, home-works, exam preparations and college admissions. And the time came when that little boy became a very successful gentleman.

This wouldn’t have been possible if Vaani had not understood the root cause of the problem and acted upon it appropriately. This was her beauty, her nature and her instincts that made that little afraid traumatized boy such a humble and kind human being.


That little boy, who has now grown up into a wonderful gentleman, still remembers her very much and wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t bumped into her. Amidst his thoughts, he receives a call. He is informed about unfortunate news about Vaani’s hospitalization due to a serious illness. He freezes for a moment. He knows he had lost his real mother way back, but this news kills him inside. He leaves everything and heads to the address of that hospital.

He enters and sees a very old lady resting on that hospital bed. He greets her with regards and the minute she opens her eyes, he is able to see that lovely charm in her eyes. They surely have been in touch, but were meeting after quite a few years. He checks all her vitals and calculates as per his knowledge what might have gone wrong. He then sits down beside her and talks to her about his life and all the stuff going on. He knows it very well that she wants to know all of it. While the conversations go on, she requests him to help her. She holds his hand in hers and with all compassion and love says, “You have been my biggest medal in life. The minute I met you I knew inside my heart that you needed me and I would have gone as far as I could to help you that day my son. I am really not sure what this urge inside me is, but it definitely gives me immense energy to help the needy. And let me tell you, at the end of the day, the purest feeling is peace and pleasure of being useful for someone. My only expectation from you is to help people with all that you have to offer to this world. If you are able to change even one life or one thought, it would create a ripple effect”. He is touched with her simplistic yet impactful words. Holding her hand close to his heart, he smiles and replies to her, “Alright, let’s help you with this.”

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We never know when a small deed can do wonders for people around us and change their lives for a better tomorrow. I really hope this story rings a bell inside of you too. Let us all become a reason for someone’s smile today.

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Have a great day ahead!

15 thoughts on “Alright, let’s help you with this

  1. Ashish

    Nice one indeed…quite significant…writer=hope= faith….if all this things were done in good way,it “LL always pave in a good way… congratulations again to you for telling the people to help each other in their time of needs….we always want to be part of other’s happiness but the best part is that we have to stand in their bad phase,that is true humanity and the real worship of God rather than going to temples and doing the worship of god’s statues.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Ashish for your inspiring words. And I couldn’t agree more with you, the world out there really needs good deeds and humble hearts working in unison😊💚


  2. Tamanna Sehgal

    You made my day…dear…ahh…such valuable thoughts…wrapped in simplicity…touched the heart…instant smiles….
    And a craving for many medals….
    Till the final knock is there from heavens above…👏👏👏

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Anonymous

    Truly inspiring, I wish everyone out there should learn something from this post and give their contribution in helping others in any means..
    Nice one dear……… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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