The concept of daily diary writing and its impact on my life

Hello all beautiful people out there!

How is life treating you? Well it surely is keeping me busy and on my toes!

I want to ask you a question today. How many of us write something purely for our self? Sure some of us do lists, some of us sign on documents, well don’t even get me started about typing (that’s not even writing), but this is not what I am referring to. To be more specific, I want to discuss about the real pen paper writing.

So today I thought of putting down my thoughts about one of my daily habits – diary writing and the ways in which it has impacted me inside out.


Keep a diary, and someday it’ll keep you.

-Mae West

There are all kinds of people on this planet. In this particular post I am making an effort to inspire those who either are already in process of diary writing or are making up their minds to start with it. Imagine how lovely it would be read what you were doing on the exact same day few years back!!

The concept:
When we start our education in primary schools, we learn to speak, read and write. Writing is definitely a very important part of learning and retaining knowledge. And back me up here guys, isn’t our day to day lives a great teacher in itself? I am not persuading you to pick up a pen and jot down whatever you learn in your day. That’s practically impossible. But collecting the most important parts and utilizing it to become better each day is all the effort required here.

Many renowned teachers in the past have believed and granted this knowledge that visualization is the utmost form of acquiring knowledge. And to visualize is to have a solid form in front of your eyes. No matter how creative your mind is, how amazingly brilliant your memory is but to have it in front of your eyes captures the image for your brain which cannot be easily erased from the memory.

Do we really need it? No. Our lives are pretty amazing and functioning pretty well. We have shifted to healthier lifestyles, adopted healthy food and fitness choices. Why to add on an additional task? If that’s what’s on your mind, don’t stop here please- It’s a request. Read till the end and then decide if you still want the usual thing going on. It’s important to work on the most important aspect of your life- YOU!

Different types of diary writing people practice that I have come across

  • Bullet journal
  • Poetry
  • Quotes journal
  • Planning and organizing
  • Gratitude journal
  • Emotions capture
  • Goal planning
  • Hobby or passion journal
  • Achievements
  • Daily day capturing

I bet there would be so many more, which I am yet to come across. I would be glad to read if you guys have some more to add to the lists in comments below.

When did I start?
It was a pretty rough phase during my first job where I was trapped in various cycles of life. I met a senior at my workplace, very efficient, organized and a very humble being. It was he who introduced me to this habit in the year 2015. I will always always….always be grateful to him for this priceless gift. I can’t believe it’s been exactly 3 years today since I have started writing religiously. Somehow I feel this habit has been a major reason to propel me to start a blog.

How exactly I practice daily diary writing?
When I started in the first place, it was a simple diary entry capturing my day. I tried recording, the highlights of the day and good memories that I would like to remember. Gradually I improvised this daily habit and added my planning skills alongside the day capture. It took great efforts to develop the exact technique that suits me and I am still at the learning end. I am trying to improvise because the learning part goes along and trust me each and every day, penning in my diary teaches me something new.

How it has changed my life?
Every habit has a different impact on different kind of persons. For me capturing my day has changed my outlook towards life. This habit has developed a sense of discipline required to stay focused towards my goals even if the timeline of its completion is not catching up as anticipated. It has helped me to be on my toes even at the lowest points of my life. Talking about motivation, nothing motivates you more than your handwritten piece of advice to yourself! It was not that it changed my life in a day, a week or in a month. When you want magic in your life, patience is the key.

Would I be continuing it?
You must have guessed the answer to this question till now. Happily Yes!



  • Begin with Basics– Start with simple routine. The idea is to get started, and taking it all out on paper. It would take time to realize what exactly suits you. Don’t jump to the highest version of journaling, you won’t commit to it and eventually fall out of the habit even before trying.
  • Try and specify a particular time and try writing at that same time each day. In addition to that, there is no Sunday. Everyday means every day!
  • Blank days- Some days you won’t have much to write. Still try and jot down a word about how you felt the entire day. Even if that word is okaywrite it.
  • Break the monotony- Once you are in the habit of daily writing, you would need some colorful changes to keep at it. I would suggest changing your pen color. Or better, differentiate different sections of your writing type with different colors. Or search some ideas from Pinterest to make your diary irresistible to write in it. I personally use two different colored pens and post its.
  • Skipped entries- There will be days when you’ll skip entering anything into your diary. That’s normal. Simply start from the next day when you feel refreshed and back in the mood. If you wish to, you can write whatever you have in your mind from previous days. Only advice, don’t let the guilt build up inside of you of not being regular. That doesn’t help. I have been there! It is a habit and it will take time to build up and function in the best possible way for you.
  • Improvisation is the key- Your activity, your feelings or whatever you capture in your journal is raw and really personal. And the best part is that we can learn from various aspects of our experiences. So never be in doubt to improvise in your style to capture. It will indeed help you in most unexpected ways!!

So keep writing 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. I would love to read some of your suggestions for diary writing in comments below.

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Have an amazing time ahead!

7 thoughts on “The concept of daily diary writing and its impact on my life

  1. Piyush Jain

    Its really good Aarzoo..That you have shared ur secret of writing skills to this world.
    Just by starting a daily dairy where u r ur only reader can ultimately turn u out to be a pro writer !!


    Liked by 1 person

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