5 objects of daily use which portray pivotal attributes of life

Hey Guys!

How are all of you lovely people out there? I am sure life is treating you in the best way possible. So today I am here with an all together different idea to reach out to you and bring along a new perspective of looking at life with a creative angle.

We all are humans, and we mostly do, enact and perform the way we are told to until and unless we really put our minds to do anything our own way. We learn different uses of items in our space and identify and remember those items only because of those uses. But today, I am going to try and depict 5 daily use products which portray pivotal attributes of life apart from their basic functionality. It’s interesting how these articles teach great life lessons just being non living objects.

Flower Decorating Florist Hobby Recreational Pursuit Concept

It’s wonderful how different people have such beautiful different observations and perspectives regarding uncountable objects present on this planet. Once you begin reading below, I want you all to dig deep and try and identify if you can really resonate with my thoughts.

So here are 5 such surprising objects on top of my list:-

A true reflection however good or bad it is, ought to be relied upon with sincerity so that we can unlearn and learn what’s required to achieve the pillars of success. The functional use of mirror is to have clear reflection in front of you. Since this is the only function we associate a mirror with, we seldom look at the other aspect of what really mirror teaches us.


It teaches us to express and bring out the truth from within us, no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how hard it is to portray it and no matter how deeply it affects the one at the receiving end. It eventually helps for the greater good in the world.

This is a nice and fun one! A simple make up tool goes unnoticed in our day to day lives. A lay man would define any of the above products as make up tools to beautify or accentuate a feature which is true and the basic functionality of it.


If we try and dig a little more to find out what it teaches us, I guess its just one thing that is prominent. A little definition goes a long way. An underlined well presented skill will always have a greater impact on the execution of a task. It surely will result in better outputs than anticipated.

As much basic as it sounds, I am sure I am not wrong in deriving the deeper role it plays to teach us something more valuable. We cannot put our mouth in plate and absorb our food; we need tools like spoons, forks, knives or hands for that matter of fact. This describes the basic functionality of cutlery.

spoon fork

The way I would like to put it across is – Choose your mediums or tools wisely to reach your goals. Walking as per plan is important, but deciding upon the medium through which to reach at destination becomes even more vital. It’s a beauty how such a small article teaches us such an important aspect of life.

Curtains and blinds are a household item beautifying and protecting the interiors from external environment. There are so many varieties and options to choose from for these. But the most important part is its use.


What we can actually learn from this simple household item is that certain things should remain hidden, your private life, your family matters or whatever that is. Everything should not be on display for everyone out there. Something’s are just special for you and your close ones.

Such a lovely treasure that we humans preserve for our future with a simple functionality of capturing pictures from the past. These carry fond memories of moments, people and times that we have spent.


We cannot go back and make changes or recreate our past, but we surely can relive it through our experience of it, our feelings and emotions while we were in that particular moment once upon a time. This is indeed a very useful lesson for us to grow as a person, a more emotionally strong and independent person.

Those were the top 5 objects in my list but I would also like to present an honorable mention here.

Yes I agree they are not objects, but in a way they surely are great teachers. The most direct lesson we can learn from plants is even if we are stuck or we are in a position were we cannot move, we can still grow tall with the potential inside of us. Beautiful isn’t it?

That’s all for this one guys. I hope you liked the idea of this post. Please like, share and comment to shower your support.

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Have a great day ahead guys!!

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