I believe in it through you!

Hello all beautiful people out there!!

I missed you all 🙂 New Year, new beginnings and smiles all around, that is something I would like to believe is happening for you all. And this lovely Monday, this is what we are going to focus in today’s article – The power of believing!!


Believing is natural. If we think about it we all know the sun is going to rise next day and seasons would come and go. We know this because these are facts. And somehow known facts are the ones we unconsciously have faith in, something that we believe in. Yet the real beauty is to know and realize the power inside of you to believe in a thought and make it happen. Sounds cliché..? Yeah I know, but if this brought happiness in my life, I am going to share it to try and bring smiles to all out there!

Concept of imbibing a thought in your mind, having absolutely no clue about how that thought is going to become a reality, and still believing in it so sincerely that with time you see it becoming a reality is the art we need to know that truly exists. The most important aspect about this concept is the level of belief you experience and then put your entire mind to believe in its execution. “It will happen. It is meant to happen.”

We all are aware about the reality distortion quality of Steve Jobs. It is one of most unacknowledged quality that brought the Apple into existence. He simply got off from the reality of process, had a vision to create something spectacular and gave his entire mind to it. He believed in his thought so much that it resulted into something that seemed impossible in that digital era.

I am not someone to help you realize the effect of prayer and mantras here. Not everyone believes in God I know, but the basic concept is to keep speaking to your mind and train your mind to start believing in it so strongly that when the time comes, it is bound to happen. You make it happen. And that is the time you feel the strength and the power of faith and belief. We have heard a lot about gratitude journals and affirmation lessons, concepts and what not online through social media or friends. But coming to the roots, all are a make belief concept.

Another very important aspect I want to share with you all today is the question of believing in what? Our life has been such that once we accept and try the concept, all we want to believe in is mostly achieving materialistic things. Ambitions grow so strong that you want to rise and want to believe in achieving not so meaningful milestones. There is nothing wrong in that. But just think about the power invested in concept of believing, and if you are able to achieve worldly things, how unbelievable it will be to win hearts, believe in good health, believe in positivity, believe in love, believe in real people.

It is easier said that done… I understand! And in reality you will not start believing after this article, I get that. But when something really happens in your life, you will be reminded of my words and then you will connect to them. There can be so many more instances where you can feel the power of belief. In my case I would like to quote the one that made my belief system strong. One where you meet “the person” who makes you believe in happiness, positivity, good times and bigger & brighter picture in life. Someone who comes and simply makes it happen! Hold on to such amazing souls in your life. They will change your life for Good.

Our lifestyle has taken us far from all these real treasures and this write up is just a small effort to make you start believing in good things again, happier times again and in love again!

I would like to confess this to you all – Yes I am a believer! I am happy being one.

That is all for this one!! Hope my thoughts reached the positive and happier side of you. Please like, share and comment to shower your support.

Have a great day ahead guys!!

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