Something to balance the scare

Hello all beautiful people!!

Hope you all are safe and doing well, warm and comforted in your home!

With the ever increasing scare and non-stop news headlines all around us, my mind is searching for something more and more positive. Because there should be something in this universe to provide balance, right? So today I was wondering that amidst the entire scare globally with the pandemic, what is something that is reassuring, something that brings us to the reality to do what really is necessary?

Baance the scare Pic1

There are so many small steps that we as an individual can take to create a positive and strong mind frame in these panic times. We all get scared, but what is important is to grow an equivalent or stronger thought process to curb the negativity all around. What will come, will eventually come and go.

So here are few sweet reminders for the inner you to bring back the balance and positive frame of mind.

  • Your discipline
    Discipline is the single most elementary aspect that stands apart from all the others. It touches every sphere of your life starting from the time you wake up, your exercise routine, diet, working hours, water intake and time for self. Self discipline has the hidden power to make you feel good about yourself and you are sure to find your inner strength. You need to keep going with your well disciplined routine to stay positive, strong and focused.
  • Affirmations
    Simplest and the most effective way to train the mind is to repeat to your mind what you want it to believe. For many of you out there this may sound a little overboard, but trust me it works. Keep affirming yourself that you have a healthy body, good immunity and inner strength to fight any disease. Sooner or later you will find a very positive effect because of this practice.
  • Personal hygiene habits
    Everybody has their own sense of personal hygiene habits, and eventually these habits are the ones that keep you fit & fine and healthy & happy. Monitor your daily habits and try and bring a change in case if you feel any is required. A good care regime will keep you both mentally and physically calm.
  • Extra efforts for good immunity
    Now is the time to bring on the extra effort to improve your good immunity. Try and add more anti-oxidants, immunity boosters and herbal ingredients in your diet. These will not only have a long term good effect on your health but also build you internally strong for the current panic situation.
  • Care for loved ones
    The most important is the “care” for your loved ones. Testing times like these make us go those extra miles to care for the ones we love and who mean the world to us. Take those tiny steps to eat healthy with them, take care of their exposure activities and strike up conversations that are positive. These will help bring their mental peace back and ease their minds of the negativity and scare.


Precaution is very important, and so is to stay positive and strong!

Hope this post helped you to bring back the hidden strength inside you to create a positive environment around you. Share your thoughts on ways to balance the scare and negativity in the comments below and with the community around.

Stay safe, indoors and have a great day ahead guys!!

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