American Sniper by Clint Eastwood #moviereview

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Since we have plenty of time, I thought of starting movie reviews as my husband and I are on a movie spree in the lockdown.

American sniper review

Todays review is for the movie

American Sniper

Directed by– Clint Eastwood

Genre- Action, Drama, Biography, War

Cast- Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner

Imdb rating- 7.3/10

Awards and Nominations-
Academy award
winner of Best Achievement in Sound editing
AFI Awards winner of Movie of the year
Denver Film Critics Society winner of Best Picture and Best Actor
MTV Movie winner of Best Male performance
Awards of the Japanese Academy
winner of Best foreign film


Based on a true story, this movie has actually moved me. Wonderfully pictured, it is a story about an American sniper Chris Kyle, his motivation to join SEAL, his experiences and tours in disturbed locations and impact of all this on his personal life.

Due to his interest in shooting as a kid, he is talented to shoot with precision from great distances. And hence, he becomes one of the most remembered sniper in the history of U.S. by saving many soldiers lives.

His time and tours in Iraq make him a solid decision maker. But the way these experiences stay with him even after his retirement makes him worry. Finally, he decides to help the soldiers in whatever way he can and gracefully spends time with family.

This has been one of the most spectacular roles ever played by Bradley Cooper. Direction of the movie is also really good.

One line for this movie- Brilliance of acting and expressions and a good screenplay!

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That is all for this one guys! Hope you too enjoy this movie. Let me know in comments below if you would like more of such reviews and suggestions to watch content oriented and good movies.

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