Granny’s got a Gun by Harper Lin #bookreview

Hello all beautiful people!!

It is true that reading is what is keeping book lovers like us busy. So here is another book review and a very quick one which has honestly surprised me.

Key highlights of the book

The book cover-
The book cover is designed in a way to catch more attention of the younger generation. It is a loud red back cover with title and author’s name with a classy cartoon character of a granny holding a gun.

Grannys got a gun

The Plot-
The book is the first of the series by the author Harper Lin. A CIA retired agent, Barbara Gold is settled in Cheerville where she is a member of a book club. During a book club meeting, one of the book club members suddenly dies which leaves everyone in shock. Though retired, but because of eye for detail, Barbara quickly scans the situation and comes to the conclusion that it is a very well thought of murder by someone in that very room.

Then begins the next phase where Barbara checks on each member to finally reach the murder and solve the mystery before the murderer could clear all evidences. Her grandchild also has an eminent part to play. The entire plot is very realistic which is surprising given the tone of the title.

Best Characteristics-

  • This book surprised me with interest build up. The author has very smartly captured the interest of almost all age groups.
  • It is a short read and offers good change from whichever genre you are into.

If there is one suggestion I could offer, it will be the investigation phase of Barbara to be a little longer than the one presented, though it still blends very well with the story.


Book in a line- A good short read!

That’s all for this one. Let me know in comments below about your reviews of this book or any other recommendation from this author!

Have a great day guys!

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