The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck #bookreview

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Hope this day is treating you good! Today I am sharing another book review of a wonderful find on Amazon. Had I been in a store, I might have not picked this book. And surely I would have missed a pearl.

The Good Earth

Key highlights of the book

Book cover
A very simple plain book cover with absolutely no pictures. As I saw the ebook on Amazon and read the reviews, the cover was not what caught my attention. It was definitely the plot of the book.

The plot of the book revolves around the birth giver to all organisms that is our motherland. The story is about a farmer and his family, who go through all ups and downs of  life and survive because of the good faith of the farmer in his land.

The land acts as a therapy for him and heals him of any psychological sickness he feels inside. The author has painted a beautiful picture of love of this farmer for his land. It is the first book in the trilogy by the author. From a young farmer to his wedding, then to his children being born, and then to the times there was no food in their village even after owning land, and then to becoming a rich man in the village and getting his children married, this story has the power of relating every emotion as the reader reads along.

Best characteristics:

The book, even though is a story of early 1920’s, is interesting to read if you connect more with emotional reading. I felt myself feeling what the farmer in this book felt as the story proceeds. The emotions are so brilliantly expressed that they connect the reader more with the story.

Some readers might find it boring because of the language used by the author in quoted dialog’s of characters. It is not proper English but it conveys the meaning.

Book score:


Book in a line – A wonderful emotional read!

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