Why online education will have a strong presence in India in the near future

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Given the current scenario of pandemic all over the world, the feasibility of personal delivery in any service sector has reduced to minimal. If we take just this one example, which has had a huge impact, the next best suitable option left with consumers is the online access of services. The common man’s understanding has now reached next level with the power of online services and its ability to suffice the necessities of daily life.

Online class

A simple whatsapp video has taught millions of people how to take extra precautions and measures to stay safe in the times of COVID-19. For this, an individual simply requires a smartphone and an internet connection. This has made the process of imparting and gaining knowledge extremely easy.

The Digital India Programme has empowered almost all sectors of economy to switch to digital services be it a bank mobile application, online passport service request, or an online request for Adhaar update. In the same manner, education is the most beneficial sector where virtual classrooms and online lectures have taken over the usual classroom sessions.

The dramatic change in teaching methodology of Indian education system can be seen right from play ways to elementary education and all through graduate courses, all imparted via online sessions like online classrooms for distance courses, video lectures via Zoom meetings, webinars for sharpening skills, online assignment and assessments, doubts discussion forums and smart school classes. Online learning platform has provided a student the convenience to access any study material of any particular course sitting anywhere in the world.

Not just the takers but even the givers are in advantage. The prospect of teaching online has opened a pool of employment opportunities for talented professionals to share their wisdom, expertise, subject knowledge and therefore connect to study group in an ideal, advantageous and result oriented environment. Working professionals trying to pursue higher studies can now take online classes even after completing regular hours at work. Online additional courses in fields like photography, editing, web designing, software languages, personality development and soft skills are gaining popularity amongst interested individuals from varied backgrounds.

Online education has now empowered the coming Indian generation. It can be rightly said that this platform has simply given the edge to students who can now pursue their dreams by virtually learning anything from the comfort of their home. From the futuristic point of view, online education is here to stay as far as India as a country is concerned.

“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”

-James Madison

Therefore, our future lies in the advancement of the medium also through which this knowledge is imparted. The work culture has widely accepted and adopted the online platform to make almost all assignments feasible. If working in a digital environment is the future, which it surely is, then online education is the path leading to it.

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