The Shape of Water #moviereview

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Shape of water

Today’s review is for the movie

The Shape of water

Directed by– Guillermo del Toro

Genre- Adventure, Drama, fantasy

Cast- Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Octavia Spenser, Doug Jones

Imdb rating- 7.3/10

Awards and Nominations-
Academy Awards for Best Achievement in Directing, Best Motion Picture of the year, Best Achievement in Music written for Motion Pictures (Original scores), Best Achievement in Production design.
Golden Globes for Best Director – Motion Pictures, Best original score – Motion Picture
BAFTA Awards for Best Production Design, Original Music, David Lean Award for Direction


This is an incredible movie with such a unique story. An average mute girl working in factory finds a mysterious creature in one of the rooms who is captured by senior officials. Somehow this girl develops an understanding with that creature who can neither listen or speak. It took time for me to build my interest in the movie for first 25-30 minutes but the way the story progresses is simply wonderful with brilliant acting by the leads and actors in supporting roles. And the most amazing is the ending where it leaves the viewer at such a positive note and with the thought that Love really has no language.

One line for this movie- The bliss of the mankind is truly wondrous which is the essence of this movie!

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