Greener grass, clearer skies and creative minds!

Do you ever wonder that we search so many organisational and cleaning hacks on internet, watch tons of videos to find out new ways of cleaning… and this 1 virus has put us in a situation where we are safely indoors and the Earth is doing a round of cleaning for itself!

Day 1

Hello everyone!

Hope all of you are doing great with new work from home strategies and routines! I am sure these times have been a great learning for most of us. And specially when the best expected out of us, came with what ever was available at home. But more importantly the bigger picture to focus upon is the time that we have spent in which has given way to greener trees and bluer skies.

We have read so many reports, seen so many videos and pictures of animals wandering on the roads freely enjoying with zero human interference and fresher air! And some pictures came up on internet wonderfully displaying the sight of mountain ranges from cities that would have never been able to view them because of pollution covered clouds.

No wonder we have created a fast growing world where amenities and conveniences has topped all levels. And it surely came with the cost of compromising with the nature – our environment. Since that cannot be reversed in any way, the only way out is to do what is healthy both for environment and us. I am not going to tell you ways to be responsible both for environment and yourself. I am sure you all already know much of it. But I am definitely going to be thankful for what these times have helped us discover.

What this single virus has made us realize?

  • When we unite for a cause, humanity has a chance to save lives that matter and not just human lives but the ecological lives.
  • When each member of the family extends a helping hand, the mundane tasks also become easier and less time consuming.
  • We have more creativity hidden in us than we think we do! And if we put our mind to it, we can bring out something amazing.
  • The gift of time is what we never had and we never will get in future. Savor it!
  • Those hobbies that have taken a side all through our busy days, invest in yourself and pursue them.
  • We can learn something new anytime.
  • Staying connected just requires your effort even if it is impossible to meet.


That is all for this one guys! Click on like if your thoughts align with mine. And share in comments if there is something else you are thankful for.

Hope you all stay safe. Have a great day ahead.

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