Orphan by Jaume Collet-Serra #moviereview

Hello all beautiful people out there!

Another week and another movie review for you all. Firstly, this was not not what I thought I would agree to watch but then the movie just made us sit tight on the couch till the end.

Today’s review is for the movie


Directed by– Jaume Collet-Serra

Genre- Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast- Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabella Fuhrman

Imdb rating- 6.9/10

Awards and Nominations-
Fright Meter Awards for Best Actress
Also a nominee for Best Actress in Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards


Based on a very unique concept, this movie is about a little girl, Esther, an orphan, who is adopted by a family and welcomed by all with happy hearts. The new family tries to make her feel comfortable. But slowly, some behaviour patterns of Esther make her mom believe that there are some issues from the past that might be bothering her. And once she begins to find out, it seems there is a lot that they do not know about this little girl.

All the characters in the movie have wonderfully played the emotions like affection, fear, anxiety, and courage. The movie is good but it gets better nearing the end. All the elements in the movie are so well knit.

One line for this movie- It is one unforgettable nail biter!

Information credit: imdb.com

That is all for this one guys! Hope you too enjoy this movie.

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