More than Enough by Miranda Anderson #bookreview

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Another day and another book that has added a little joy in my reading journey. I am here with another book review which I am sure is going to benefit you.

More than enough1

Key highlights of the book

The book cover-
Some book covers focus more on the words rather than a graphic display and this is one of them. It has a simple white background with highlighted title of the book.

The Plot-
More than enough is about a challenge that a family undertook to put an end on unnecessary shopping of non consumables for an entire year. The author, also an homemaker, blogger and creative lead of the family, explained the guidelines, experiences, results and difficulties faced by the entire family and how after an year of the challenge the family emerged as a winner of purchasing what really added value into their lives.

The concept of the book is what many talk about. It is not one of those books where self help tips and tricks are shared, however a more realistic view of not just one member but an entire family facing the challenge. I liked it because the author talked about real challenges they faced and their moments of weakness.

More than enough2

Best Characteristics-
Actual practice measure after each chapter– The author has given very useful and creative ideas to actually focus mind on “what we have is enough” motto in the form of exercise for all the readers.

Flaws- I actually wanted to know what happened after the year of challenge ended. But thankfully the book I read on Kindle had an epilogue in which the author explained what changed and what habits they retained after the year was over.

Book score-


Book in a line- A brave challenge and courageously executed!

You are surrounded by resources, choose to use them! You are filled with potential, choose to believe that!”

– Miranda Anderson

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