How Prime and Kindle have kept me sane in lockdown!

Is it September already for the year 2020? Though I felt every single minute that I was going through in the lockdown, but still I am not able to believe that 9th month of the year is here!

Hello all beautiful readers out there!

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. In these unimaginable times a big thanks to all wonderful writers for sharing whatever they could for us readers and also to our lovely readers who made sharing something worthwhile. There would have been millions of feelings that so many of us would be feeling during this time – locked up in our own homes for our own safety!

Today, I simply want to take couple of minutes to share what a great buddy ‘Prime reading’ and ‘Kindle reader’ have been to me.

Girl kindle

I had always thought that I was the one who could only enjoy the pleasure of reading paperback books. But this lockdown was, honestly, hard – really hard! Online amazon orders reduced due to the fear of virus contraction because of which I was trying to indulge myself in some other hobbies for initial couple of weeks. Markets were closed in complete lockdown due to which all the bookshops had their doors closed for me. Still, I didn’t lose hope.

Therefore, in this pandemic, I opted for the next best possible way I could continue reading – e-books! And almost during the same time my father shared some great e-books with me. I took time to get use to the screen reading from the usual paper reading. Honestly, it was not very comfortable. I searched more and more options from where I can access some good books.

I tried few apps like Apple books, kobo, Google play books before settling for the Kindle app. These apps were good and their individual features were also okay. But more important was the range of books available. And as far as I know, Amazon has the widest range of books both under Prime and Kindle unlimited section.

Selecting, purchasing and downloading a book from amazon is super easy and therefore I started with some classics on my Kindle app in my phone. I would not compliment the e-book reading on mobile, but it were the books that kept me hooked even on mobile, definitely not the screen!

And then, keenly observing me reading on that 4.7 inch screen of my phone, my husband bought me a Kindle reader as a present to enjoy reading while keeping my eyes healthy!! God bless him!
And thus began my Kindle journey. I honestly don’t want to start with an extensive review of kindle reader, but, with this device, the love for reading will grow profoundly – I guarantee!

Kindle reading

Library in your Kindle reader can have multiple books and its features include progress percentage, multiple reading options (fonts, orientation, etc.), and reading list where you can add books that you might want to purchase and read next. Purchasing from the reader is only available through Amazon pay option.

My reading experience started in astonishment because I was reading on a screen that was ultra-light and gave an unbelievable similar vibe of reading from an actual book. The best feature was the ability of kindle to ease the reader with providing the option to read from any possible angle. Even in this hard phase, where the pandemic has forced the world to build an inner mechanism to calm their minds, reading great books has helped me practice it deeply. 

I already had my to be read list ready on Amazon wish list. All I had to do was to switch to Kindle option and start reading. Since my husband and I have slightly different tastes in reading, we have organised our reading lists separately, categorizing what we individually want to read next. Kindle account also easily connects with your Goodreads account showing the latest releases and suggesting books as per the books you’ve already read. 

I would seriously recommend kindle reader as a reading option to all the people who don’t want to stop in this difficult time because of reasons like no access to books. I have already finished couple of great books whose reviews I will be sharing in upcoming posts. Hope my immense joy of reading and sharing this experience helps you in some way!

That’s all for this one guys! Share your experience of lockdown reading in comments below.
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Have a great day ahead guys!

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