A star is born by Bradley Cooper #moviereview

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I wonder if we did not have access to television or Apps like Netflix and others, how would we have survived this lockdown!! So, I am here with another movie review for you all. I had waited for this movie to be available on Netflix since its release. Hope you enjoy it too!!

A star is born

Today’s review is for the movie

A Star is Born

Directed by– Bradley Cooper

Genre- Drama, Music, Romance

Cast- Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliot

Imdb rating- 7.7/10

Awards and Nominations-
Academy Awards for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (For the song Shallow)
Golden Globes Awards for Best Original Song – Motion Picture (For the song Shallow)
BAFTA Awards for Original Music
AFI Awards for Movie of the Year

This movie has the power of having a hold on its viewer. More than the script, or say the story, of the movie the actors have made a major impact. I was aware of the storyline, so there was no surprise – A star singer meets a girl with fabulous voice and falls in love with her and builds her confidence to become the stage star all around the world. Of course, I am not going to reveal the ending, since that is the effort of the entire team who have created this movie, but the end is what leaves an impact.

The beauty of the movie is the way actors have put life into the characters of the storyline. Watching Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in such roles was an exceptional experience! I am not sure if Lad Gaga has acted in any movie before this one, but the glam lady has revealed her real beauty in this one. It’s a musical movie and there are such lovely songs that you are definitely going to enjoy. I loved the La Vie En Rose version and Always remember us this way. Watch it, enjoy it, and I hope you can also enjoy an artist’s love for music through this beautiful piece!

 One line for this movie- A good story, a great watch and a popcorn weekend movie!

Information credit: imdb.com

That is all for this one guys! Hope you too enjoy this movie.

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