And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie #bookreview

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Welcome to another book review. This rainy season has brought many new books in my sight which I honestly was unfamiliar with, till now. But thankfully, now my “To be Read” list is growing day by day with addition of all the books I wish to read in future.

And then there were none

Key highlights of the book

The book cover-
I have recently started reading the Kindle version of the books. Therefore when I compared both the paperback and kindle version of this book, the book covers were different. The e-book version has the characters depicted from the novel turned TV series. The paperback, however, has an image of a lonely island in the background. 

The Plot-
As the author is famous for writing suspense thrillers and murder mysteries, this is one of her most acknowledged and appreciated works. The novel is based on a novelty crime which has also been addressed as “an unsolved crime” in the manuscript document sent to Scotland Yard (provided at the end of the book). 

An island by the name Soldier Island awaits the arrival of ten people who are strangers to each other, and the owner of the property has a job or request for every single one of them as a bait. Each of the guest has a memory of some or the other,  intended or unintended, crime that they might have committed in their past, which the murderer is aware of. Soon the mystery murderer starts killing them one by one. And after the entire group searches the island for another living soul on it who might be responsible for these deaths, they come to the conclusion that the murderer is one of them. 

An atmosphere of suspicion and distrust builds up, and people still alive begin to fear for their lives while trying to unmask the murderer. The author has given a nice twist of a nursery rhyme of “Ten Little Soldiers” which is very artistically displayed in each of the guests’ rooms and the murders take place in the exact same style as the described in the poem. 

Best Characteristics-

  • The author’s style of writing is quite different from the ones I’ve read before. The way she has brought out the emotions and characteristics of every individual while still sticking to the story is a work of art. 
  • Moreover, there is something I found while researching more about the author. She has written another book based a true story – the Murder on Orient express which has been like one of her great works. And a non fiction story coming from a fiction writer made me curious to add that book in my to be read list.

The author has very conveniently concluded the chapter with the stamp of unsolvable crime and the reader has to continue reading the afterword of the book to find out the murderer. This is an unusual kind of ending, but then again this is my personal view. This particular way of ending might have been an intended way of giving the story what it reflects – an unsolved crime.  

Book score-


Book in a line- A murder mystery that will make you sit tight until you find out the real culprit!!

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