I’d Rather Be Reading – The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel #bookreview

Hello all beautiful readers out there!!

Hope you are doing great this fall! It’s wonderful to actually think about a book being a super tool to find solace and calming your restless mind. And this particular book was one of those books which you find just at the right time!

Reading is not just a hobby; it is much more to some of us out there. This book is a beautiful compilation of essays that exemplify the joys and dilemmas of a life of a reader. Though I like to consider myself a reader, but I still have so much ground to cover, both of my interest and curiosity. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed relating so much with the blogger turned author.

I'd rather be reading

The Cover:
If I may, the book cover is a display of love for books and reading – soft, appealing, and focusing more on title. A reading chair and beautiful library in the background is such a treat to the eyes.

The Plot:
The entire book talks about the author’s reading journey, her and her fellow readers’ experiences, some great works she has come across, and other common behaviors and moods of readers. I really liked her writing style which expressed, more than the words, her respect for the language and art of literature.

The chapters have been divided in cleverly thought sections which almost all kinds of readers like occasional, avid, recreational, copy editors or even proofreaders, can relate to. The author has introduced many books that she had read at a time when a similar situation was going on in her life. Therefore, she has been honest in sharing how reading a particular book at a certain time helped her taking life decisions.

i'll be reading excerpt

Best Characteristics:

  • Author’s style of writing is fresh and her work does the job of touching the exact points that her words aims at.
  • It was honestly a happy read. One reason for that is because I was, at times, feeling amazed that there are other people in world too who feel the same way like I do. And at other times, I was simply smiling widely because I could actually relate with the author about certain moods, situations, and times in life.

I really did not find anything that I was not content about while reading this book.

Book Score:


Book in a line: Something that I’ll take away from this one – to maintain a reading journal!

You can check her blog for some great recommendations here – Modern Mrs Darcy

That is all for this one guys!!

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Have a great day ahead guys!!

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