Yoga for body joints

Hello all beautiful readers out there!

Hope summers are treating you well. Apart from the scorching and energy sucking heat, hope your fitness routine is on track. Well, if you slightly tilted your head and took a long sigh, I have something here to help you stay fit without going under the sun.

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Yoga is the new Oxygen

Hello all beautiful readers!!

Welcome to another lovely April morning. With the onset of Spring, everything around sets a very encouraging vibe to start something new and fresh. All we need to find is a time-out for various activities for ourselves from our lifestyles, work routines and ever busy environment.


Via Intellectual Owl

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5 habits that are meant to bring a positive change in your life

Hello all beautiful people out there!!


So this morning I woke up with a bright and a very warm thought about the difference I am experiencing these days which keeps me positive, on toes, cheerful and ever ready to interact. I firmly believe in the truth, which as a foundation stresses upon the fact that when we do something purely for our mind and soul, it brings back the vigor and zeal to accomplish anything we aspire for. This vigor and zeal might have been diminished along the way and probably we would not have noticed it happening.

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Skin care – Daily/Weekly/Monthly tips

Hey Guys!!

Welcome to another updated skin care post.  This post is definitely inspired by a Youtuber (Link- Rachel Talbott) whom I sincerely follow and, more so, she is the reason I have been able to inculcate these regimes into my routines in recent years. With the onset of such colder months and this ever changing weather conditions, serious effects can be observed on our body and specifically on largest organ of our body – our skin.

Everyone loves to take care and protect the most exposed part of body. And here are some tips to nourish and nurture your skin.

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Let’s break it into specific time frames to help you better:
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