The Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont #moviereview

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Another week and another movie review for you all. This one is a classic and a definite watch for all those who really appreciate a good script and a splendid screenplay. You will enjoy a different story and the beauty of patience which is paramount in this movie.   

shawshank redemption

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5 objects of daily use which portray pivotal attributes of life

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How are all of you lovely people out there? I am sure life is treating you in the best way possible. So today I am here with an all together different idea to reach out to you and bring along a new perspective of looking at life with a creative angle.

We all are humans, and we mostly do, enact and perform the way we are told to until and unless we really put our minds to do anything our own way. We learn different uses of items in our space and identify and remember those items only because of those uses. But today, I am going to try and depict 5 daily use products which portray pivotal attributes of life apart from their basic functionality. It’s interesting how these articles teach great life lessons just being non living objects.

Flower Decorating Florist Hobby Recreational Pursuit Concept

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