The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma #bookreview

Hello all beautiful people out there!

Amidst these self-isolation times or should we say “time for self”, I am surprised to find so many new things either from family, social media or from general happenings around the world. In circumstances where the entire nation is adhering to lockdown orders, it is important to keep in contact with everybody around and help wherever and however possible.

Today’s post is a review of a very famous bestseller author. This book still makes it to the list of a must read in many readers wish list.

        “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

– Robin Sharma

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Something to balance the scare

Hello all beautiful people!!

Hope you all are safe and doing well, warm and comforted in your home!

With the ever increasing scare and non-stop news headlines all around us, my mind is searching for something more and more positive. Because there should be something in this universe to provide balance, right? So today I was wondering that amidst the entire scare globally with the pandemic, what is something that is reassuring, something that brings us to the reality to do what really is necessary?

Baance the scare Pic1

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May I help you?

Hello all beautiful people out there!!

It is finally so good to be back here after a long break. It’s been ages since I have actually sat down to write about so many ideas which have popped into my head. Hope you all are having a great time!

New phase of life, new location, new culture, new language and a chance to see new faces everyday makes you wonder how beautiful life has been and how blessed we are. Believe it or not, we are blessed! But one thing that does not change is the human nature. And today we are going to talk about something that this world really needs a lot – “A helping hand!”

Altruism post 1


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