I’d Rather Be Reading – The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel #bookreview

Hello all beautiful readers out there!!

Hope you are doing great this fall! It’s wonderful to actually think about a book being a super tool to find solace and calming your restless mind. And this particular book was one of those books which you find just at the right time!

Reading is not just a hobby; it is much more to some of us out there. This book is a beautiful compilation of essays that exemplify the joys and dilemmas of a life of a reader. Though I like to consider myself a reader, but I still have so much ground to cover, both of my interest and curiosity. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed relating so much with the blogger turned author.

I'd rather be reading

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The Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont #moviereview

Hello all beautiful people out there!

Another week and another movie review for you all. This one is a classic and a definite watch for all those who really appreciate a good script and a splendid screenplay. You will enjoy a different story and the beauty of patience which is paramount in this movie.   

shawshank redemption

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And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie #bookreview

Hello all beautiful people!

Welcome to another book review. This rainy season has brought many new books in my sight which I honestly was unfamiliar with, till now. But thankfully, now my “To be Read” list is growing day by day with addition of all the books I wish to read in future.

And then there were none

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A star is born by Bradley Cooper #moviereview

Hello all beautiful people out there!

I wonder if we did not have access to television or Apps like Netflix and others, how would we have survived this lockdown!! So, I am here with another movie review for you all. I had waited for this movie to be available on Netflix since its release. Hope you enjoy it too!!

A star is born

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How Prime and Kindle have kept me sane in lockdown!

Is it September already for the year 2020? Though I felt every single minute that I was going through in the lockdown, but still I am not able to believe that 9th month of the year is here!

Hello all beautiful readers out there!

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. In these unimaginable times a big thanks to all wonderful writers for sharing whatever they could for us readers and also to our lovely readers who made sharing something worthwhile. There would have been millions of feelings that so many of us would be feeling during this time – locked up in our own homes for our own safety!

Today, I simply want to take couple of minutes to share what a great buddy ‘Prime reading’ and ‘Kindle reader’ have been to me.

Girl kindle

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