26 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 26 Years #Birthdaypost

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you are having a fabulous February. So my birthday month has inspired me so much to share with you my journey and most importantly my lessons that I have learnt over the years. These are in no particular order, just the way it popped up in my mind. Hope these lessons make you smile by the time you reach the last one!

Hello 26

So here we go!

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Skin care – Daily/Weekly/Monthly tips

Hey Guys!!

Welcome to another updated skin care post.  This post is definitely inspired by a Youtuber (Link- Rachel Talbott) whom I sincerely follow and, more so, she is the reason I have been able to inculcate these regimes into my routines in recent years. With the onset of such colder months and this ever changing weather conditions, serious effects can be observed on our body and specifically on largest organ of our body – our skin.

Everyone loves to take care and protect the most exposed part of body. And here are some tips to nourish and nurture your skin.

Photo courtesy – https://www.freepik.com/

Let’s break it into specific time frames to help you better:
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9 videos that literally make you feel so much better

Hey Everyone!!

So today is a very special day for me and I am penning my happy thoughts down. While posting a previous post about melody bringing a smile , I discovered that a single string, a drum beat or simply a key of piano, when expressed and presented in a numbered form (Top 10 or so), can leave a joyful impact and decidedly be an enthusiastic start of the day.

Here is my bunch of 9 videos that will leave you delighted inside.

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20 songs that brighten up your mood and make you smile…

Merry Christmas Everyone !!
What can be merrier time to post than a festive holiday.

So this one’s a melodious post with my personal favorite picks of joyous songs of all times from every corner of my collection. Music definitely is a very essential part of all of us, at least for me for sure, so open your hearts and let the melodies ring the happy bells inside you.
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How it all started..and what to expect from my blog !!

I come from a family where a tiny sign of talent is embraised, nurtured and encouraged to bloom.
Its not a surprise but the “want in me to write and express” was actually in my blood because I have been blessed with a wonderful grandfather Mr. R.D. Trehan who is an exceptional artist, be it emotions evoking writer, soul searching philosopher, a motivational speaker or an ultimate inspirer.

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Hey everyone! I am Aarzoo, from city beautiful – Chandigarh, and its such a pleasure and a blessing to start a blog and actually do what I love doing. It’s the year 2017, that has brought so many new challenges and tasks, and at the same time many new chapters and goals to work on.


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